Connecting you from land, sea, and space.

Vocus at Gartner IT symposium/XPO TM 2022
Vocus @ Gartner IT Symposium 2022

It’s a wrap at the Gartner IT symposium - an incredible week of learning and getting to know the challenges faced by organisations of today. We had an overwhelming response to our presentations and panel sessions where we spoke about how space-based connectivity is set to revolutionise the way organisations operate and deliver services to communities across Australia and beyond. If you weren’t there, it doesn’t mean you missed out.

Gartner predicts scaling networks to deliver business value and growth as one of the top 10 technology for 2023. Secure, sovereign, high-speed networks are critical across land, sea, and space.

At Vocus, we see three core challenges facing organisations today that need to be addressed.

Building mission-critical services

Cloud-first deployment is the new imperative in digital transformation. Services must be designed with the speed, robustness, and resiliency necessary to support continuous operation.

Enhance employee experience

A focus on enabling and empowering employees ensures next-generation business platforms are designed in a way that makes them usable and effective from day one.

Driving sustainable growth

Success for today’s organisation is not just delivering great products and services, but also ensuring environmental and social responsibility. Technology has an important role to play in attaining your ESG goals.

Are you ready for Connectivity 4.0?

Give your digital business an edge in a rapidly changing future. ​Looking past the Great Resignation, Connectivity 4.0 is a fundamental part of what we might call the Great Reconfiguration. The enabler of this new transformation is fast, pervasive, ultra-resilient, future-proof networks. Our newly released report, Connectivity 4.0 provides you insights and information to make sure your business ends up on the right side of the future.