Big challenges need big solutions

Brilliant technology delivered by brilliant people
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We’re enabling better possibilities for Australian business and governments

Your organisation can face some big challenges, be it the economy, cyber security, business resilience, or looking after your workforce.

These big challenges call for brilliant technology such as a reliable, secure network that can connect you from land, sea, and space.

You also need brilliant solutions that enable growth, productivity, and provide real value to your organisation.

Most of all, you need brilliant, responsive people, with the expertise to support you and deliver.

Connecting industry from land, sea, and space

As a leading specialist fibre and network solutions provider, we serve some of Australia’s leading enterprise, government and wholesale telecommunications organisations.

We provide critical digital infrastructure to the Australian Government, major industries such as the resources sector, energy, financial services, healthcare, as well as state and local governments.

With our $1 billion investment strategy to extend the reach and capacity of our network, we’re a leader in connecting Australian business and governments from land, sea and space, including game-changing LEO satellite connectivity.

Brilliant solutions for small and medium enterprise

We also support thousands of Australian small and medium enterprise organisations with technology solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

In an environment where growth opportunities are harder to find, we recognise managing costs, driving productivity and ensuring value for money are more important than ever.

Our brilliant team has the experience and expertise to be your integral partner, with the network and technology to deliver the right solutions and support for your business to transform and succeed.

Brilliant ideas that enable brilliant outcomes

Business resilience

Keeping your organisation connected and operating smoothly, regardless of location, requires a brilliant network, with the reliability and performance you can trust.

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Productivity and flexibility

We’re enabling organisations to get the best of technologies such as AI, automation and cloud to improve productivity and business flexibility.

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Sovereignty and security

We’re enabling organisations to improve their cyber and network security posture and compliance, through our dedicated sovereign and secure network environment and solutions.

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Connectivity 4.0: the new business imperative

In our report Connectivity 4.0: the new business imperative, we explore the emergence of a new era of Connectivity 4.0, in which networks and technologies have evolved to the extent that organisations no longer need to compromise. We breakdown what it consists of, how it works, and why you need to embrace its changes to give your digital business an edge in challenging times. Connectivity 4.0 is a fundamental part of what we might call the Great Reconfiguration — and it’s going to affect you, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Brilliant connectivity

How Vocus delivers brilliant made simple for customers

Watch the videos below for an insight on how Vocus and its customers work together to achieve brilliant solutions.

Fast and reliable fibre network solutions

When you’re building Australian-first sustainable projects, you need a secure business network that enables you to collaborate with designers from around the world. You also need a reliable partner like Vocus who can do brilliant things and make life simple. See how our Vocus internet, fast response, service and delivery made a difference for Acciona.

Metro-grade connectivity anywhere in Australia

Community Enterprise Queensland's (CEQ) retail stores are spread across remote Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait, surrounded by ocean and a complex reef system, making it difficult to install traditional fibre connectivity. With Vocus Satellite - Starlink, CEQ can now access a wide range of cloud applications, making use of higher bandwidth and faster response times that were previously unavailable.

Innovative fibre networks for high-speed business internet

When Minjar Gold needed a new way to improve network coverage and business internet connectivity speeds across its remote site in Western Australia, it turned to Vocus. We delivered an innovative fibre optic network and internet solution that helps the business do more, and also keeps employees happy and connected to the people they love.

Vocus Inspire Podcast

We dive head-first into what’s on the minds of Australian business and government leaders to help inspire you and your organisation to go forward, go further, and go faster.
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From Defence to humanitarian aid: navigating LEO sat technology

In this edition of the Vocus Inspire podcast series, we speak with Dr. Matthew Ilic, our very own satcomms specialist, an Australian army veteran with 32 years of service. We chat to Matt about the significant benefits LEO satellite connectivity offers the defence industry, and the huge impact it can have on humanitarian relief efforts throughout the world.

The double edged sword of AI in Australian workplaces

The AI genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in. Its enormous benefit will have to be balanced with its impact on workforce. Two Australian AI experts, Dr. Kellie Nuttall - AI Institute Leader & Strategy and Business Design Leader at Deloitte and Prof. Toby Walsh - Chief Scientist, Laureate Fellow & Scientia Professor at UNSW AI Institute, to talk about the path that organisations will need to carefully navigate.

AI & Chat GPT: Opportunities, ethics & where to from here

With AI advancing at a rapid pace, it raises a number of ethical, social, and technical challenges for organisations. In this episode, we dive into some of the challenges AI and Chat GPT pose, while also looking at the potential opportunities they bring for innovation, problem-solving, and productivity.

Why Australia and LEO satellite technology is a match made in heaven

What makes Australia such an important market for low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites? We talk to David Thorn, Vice President APAC from OneWeb, about why LEO technology is so relevant to Australia, OneWeb’s approach to the Australian market, and the opportunities for businesses, government, and communities.

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