Do more with self-service of your Vocus Satellite – Starlink services

Do more with self-service of your Vocus Satellite – Starlink services

If you’re an Australian Vocus Satellite – Starlink user, you've already seen first-hand how low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology is changing the game. It’s not too much of a stretch to call it “fibre in the sky”.

But we know that when you choose Vocus, it’s not just speed you’re looking for; it’s also a great service experience.

In line with that, we’ve just released significant upgrades to self-service capabilities, so you no longer have to lodge a service request for common changes.

Vocus Satellite – Starlink control at your fingertips

A suite of new features has gone live in our secure Vocus 360 Support Portal for Vocus Satellite – Starlink services. Here's what’s now available:

  1. Data usage insights: You'll be able to view service data usage for the current and previous month, giving you better control and understanding of your consumption patterns. That will help you make sure you’re always on the right data plan for your organisation’s needs.
  2. Service address updates: If you need to move a Vocus Satellite – Starlink terminal to be used in a new location, it’s now as simple as checking the service capacity at the new location and updating the address to reflect it. The changes go straight through to Starlink’s core systems, and your terminal will make the connection at the new location without you having to lodge a service request.
  3. Diagnostics at your fingertips: Get real-time insights into your Vocus Satellite –Starlink connection with our enhanced diagnostic tools. Monitor your connection's health and performance, ensuring you can easily identify whether there’s an issue with the connection.
  4. Personalised service nicknames: Many of our customers have taken up a whole fleet of Vocus Satellite – Starlink services which can make differentiating between services tricky. We're introducing the option to create nicknames for your services, making it easier to identify and manage them.

Lightweight and fast to use

We’ve built the entire Vocus 360 experience to work well on mobiles and tablets. This means you can manage your Vocus Satellite – Starlink services on-the-go, with the same ease and efficiency as on a desktop.

Stay tuned for more features

Vocus’ close collaboration with Starlink continues to grow. We're working to expand the information available on the portal and to introduce more convenient self-service options using an API that interacts directly with Starlink’s core systems. This ensures that your experience with Vocus Satellite – Starlink will remain cutting-edge.

Find out more

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