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Vocus Cloud Connect

Fast, private, and reliable access to multiple cloud services, all on one simple connection.

Vocus Cloud Connect is your private, high-speed connection to Australia’s top public clouds.

When you invest in cloud solutions, make sure you connect using secure, private network connectivity you can trust. With our reach and expertise in public and private networks, you can build your hybrid cloud with confidence, connecting your on-premise, data centre, private, and public clouds together.

We can connect your business to where the cloud lives in more than 150 data centres throughout Australia. Coupled with our expertise in the design and delivery of high-performance, industry-leading connectivity solutions, we can tailor a cloud connectivity solution to achieve the performance and uptime objectives for your critical applications.

Our Cloud Connect solution will maximise your investment in cloud-driven digitisation and transformation. It covers full project management from order to delivery, including network design, facilities access, contractor management, civil works, and testing.

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Key features

Your cloud can go further

Our high-performance ethernet services connect you to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud from anywhere on our network. We also offer layer 3 cloud connectivity into your Vocus IP WAN.

More secure and reliable than an internet connection

Enterprise solutions perform faster and more reliably with a private connection across our carrier-grade network. Private cloud connectivity is more secure, reliable, and predictable when compared with accessing cloud applications over the internet.

Bandwidth that's all yours

Choose from bandwidth as low as 50Mbps and up to 10Gbps that's scalable in increments.

Reduce your costs

Enjoy higher data transfer rates. When your data-heavy enterprise applications connect via Cloud Connect, you can also save by reducing your internet traffic costs.

Future-proofed convenience

Connect to one cloud today and more as your cloud needs change. Transition from your own data centre, to a hybrid cloud network, or to a cloud only model at your own pace with a network that can adapt with you.

Simplified access to more clouds

Cloud Connect supports multiple virtual connections, delivering access to resources within AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other regional providers.

Cloud Connect layer 2 overview

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Cloud Connect layer 3 overview

031121 Vocus Website Diagram Vocus Cloud Connect Layer 3

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