Power your business with scalable, resilient connectivity

Optimised and secure connectivity

Australia’s digital leaders need resilient and reliable connectivity to stay ahead of the competition and thrive. It’s critical to their success.

While Vocus is best known for having a secure fibre infrastructure, optimised connectivity is at the heart of what we do. Our secured colocation data centres allow us to provide seamless interconnection to digital businesses Australia-wide.

The Vocus ecosystem encompasses a wide array of colocation options. Whether you are running on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud configuration, we can fully support your needs.

The impact hybrid work is having on connectivity and culture

The rise of the hybrid work environment is here to stay, leaving businesses having to deal with the challenge of making workers feel connected and able to effortlessly collaborate from geographically dispersed locations.

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How Colocation can assist continuity when the unthinkable happens

How long could your business continue to operate in the event of an unplanned disaster? This is important because ransomware attacks, viruses, natural disasters and blackouts often bring operations to a screeching halt. Without a backup and recovery plan, businesses risk lost revenue, angry customers and reputation damage. Having a well-designed disaster plan can help you quickly respond to outages and minimise the impact on your business operations and customers.

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Revolutionising Optimised Connectivity: The Power of Colocation Services

It’s time to raise the bar on your IT infrastructure and secure your place as a digital first organisation. The decision on where to house your data is crucial, and datacenter colocation services play a vital role. Let's dive into what's important to consider when making your decision.

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Key features

More control

Greater control of your entire ecosystem with built-in agility to rapidly custom configure to suit your business needs.

Premium Service

Unbeatable uptime with high level security and support options to fit your needs.


Easily adjust your colocation footprint to suit changes in business requirements.


Highly-efficient operating environment that minimises energy costs. 100% offset of your IT carbon footprint.

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Vocus Colocation Services

Digital leaders harness our colocation services to power their business. Vocus can address all your digital business demands.

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