Delivering communications you can rely on.

Secure & highly available communication systems leveraging the Vocus network

With Vocus as a partner, you’ll have the resilience to respond when it is most critical.

Defence communications simply can’t fail. They need to run over a secure fibre network with an exceptional record of providing the capacity, performance and resilience to meet the most stringent mission requirements.

With Vocus’ high-capacity fibre network, you’ll have peace of mind that your critical communications systems are working at all times. You can carry out operations and tasks as planned and make sure information reaches the right people at the right time. And since Vocus’ fibre networks are built to provide greater security for government users, you can be rest assured that threats to your communications will be mitigated.

From Defence to humanitarian aid: navigating LEO sat technology

We speak with Dr. Matthew Ilic, our very own satcomms specialist, an Australian army veteran with 32 years of service. We chat to Matt about the significant benefits LEO satellite connectivity offers the defence industry, and the huge impact it can have on humanitarian relief efforts throughout the world.

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Australian owned industry-leading network & security solutions

Vocus provides industry-leading network solutions with the highest levels of security and reliability for defence communications. We are a wholly Australian-owned and operated company and a long-term trusted partner to both government and defence industry, through our acquisition of Nextgen Networks in 2016.

Australia’s growing role in the Indo-Pacific

Vocus recently celebrated 20 years of providing sovereign, secure and mission-critical network services to the Australian Government and its agencies. We were very lucky to speak with General the Hon. Sir Peter Cosgrove, to discuss his experiences leading the Australian Defence Force, international peacekeeping missions, and recovery and relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The future of security in a world of zero trust

Today's topic is a hot one – the future of security – and we cover a lot of ground with our guests including: the growing risks, particularly now with more hybrid working; the core issue of trust or rather zero trust; the role of boards; and the need for greater collaboration between business and government. Guests: Bob Mansfield, Bruce McCabe and Pip Marlow.

Navigating the global economy

With the global economy facing some significant challenges, we talk to Daniel McCormack, Head of Thought Leadership from Macquarie Asset Management, about the forces at play, the likely impacts, and how businesses can work through them. We cover supply issues, labour markets, geopolitical risks, the transition to renewable energy, and lots more.

Australian heritage and ownership

As an infrastructure supplier to the Department of Defence and major prime systems integrators, Vocus helps ensure that critical missions succeed so Australians remain safe.

Secure sovereign network

Secure and high-capacity national and international fibre network

Satellite comms leaders

Leading role in harnessing the power of satellite communications

Proven defence specialists

Forward-thinking approach to providing defence network solutions

Strong delivery history

Strong track record in supporting the Commonwealth across multiple agencies

How we help the defence industry

Capacity for essential communications

Meet the demands of your critical communications with services from megabits to terabits via point-to-point wavelength services and MPLS based multipoint solutions. As circumstances change, so can the capacity, design, configuration and commercials of our services.

Connectivity across Australia

With reliable, powerful and secure connectivity, you can meet the demands of your mission-critical systems and services. Vocus owns and operates one of Australia’s largest long-haul fibre networks. This 30,000-kilometre network connects all mainland capitals in Australia and most of the regional centres in the country.

Connectivity on defence bases

Vocus has invested in defence infrastructure delivering secure networks and capability to Department of Defence and its supply chain with network access in place on most major defence bases and precincts.

Resilient Communications

As a network owner and operator, we manage our underlying infrastructure to achieve the highest network and service reliability and resilience. We can create special, national scale, network solutions for specific project needs.

How Vocus is supporting defence operation capability and technology

Articles appeared in the Australian Defence magazine

How Vocus empowers defence communications with unrivalled capacity and performance

Australian Defence Magazine, Top 40 and 20, Dec 2021/Jan 2022

It’s important for defence organisations not to compromise on capacity, security and reliability when it comes to mission-critical communications.

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Dedicated networks to support defence operational capability and technology

Australian Defence Magazine, Feb/March 2022

For organisations with mission-critical operations, legacy approaches to technology choices, solution design and procurement within the telecommunications industry are now under serious challenge by the reality that there is no “one size fits all” network.

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Critical information infrastructure designed and operated to defend Australia’s north

Australian Defence Magazine, March/April 2022

Modern networking, with its massive capacity increases in fibre, LEO and private 5G networks are now evolving at a rate that can match the emerging OT applications and functionality deployed by Defence and its partners to sure up its strategic capability in Australia’s north.

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Time for change in mission-critical communications Australia

Australian Defence Magazine, Sept/Oct 2022

Dr Matthew Ilic shares his thoughts on the use of emerging technologies with a considered risk appetite that will enable our ADF to have an edge that can see them fight and win on the world stage.

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