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Why choose Vocus

We’re about making things better, simpler, easier
for our customers.

We’re specialists in fibre and network solutions, and Australia’s fourth-largest telco.

National and global reach

We own and manage almost 25,000km fibre network across Australia, as well as provide international connectivity via major global gateways.

Secure solutions

We offer a segregated, separate secured network, managed by a team with NV1 security clearance.

Trusted by government

We're a key supplier to Australia’s federal, state, and local governments and agencies.

Local support

We offer 24x7 Australia-based customer support and local account teams.

Why Vocus purpose built

A network that’s built for you

Our fibre network is purpose built for business and government like no other.

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World-class expertise

We have the in-house expertise to design, build, and manage large critical infrastructure projects.

Customer focused

A unique customer focus

Businesses are choosing Vocus as the best telco to deliver their complex network requirements.

Vocus brilliant made simple

At Vocus, we created a telco to make things better...

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Anglicare WA

“We have a small IT team, so being able to leverage Vocus and its strategic partners made it very easy to move across, while dramatically reducing risk for the organisation.”

Mark Dunne, General Manager, Digital Solutions
Anglicare WA

Why switch to Vocus

You can trust us to listen, respond and support you every step of the way.


We take time to listen and ask lots of questions. It’s a big part of what we do, so that we can solve problems and deliver you the right solutions.


With a team of world-class experts, customers say our innovative approach and rapid response are things that set us apart in the market. It means you can trust us to deliver.


With leading network experts, solution architects, dedicated industry and account teams, channel partners, and Australian-based 24/7 customer service, we can support you every step of the way.