Managed network services

Future-ready resilient networks, monitored and managed by Vocus experts.

We manage your network, so you can focus on managing your business.

Your network sits at the heart of your business, so its performance needs to meet the expectations of your workforce and customers. With the rapid pace of digitisation in business, it’s challenging to keep up and avoid being caught by the shortcomings of legacy networks, technologies, and security solutions.

Our Managed Network Services include expert management, monitoring, and maintenance of your network. We offer transformative networking and security services, including a range of SD-WAN capabilities, enabling you to evolve your network at your pace, and gain more control.

Our solutions are designed to support your move to the cloud, enable you to confidently pursue growth, and provide greater resiliency for your business.

Best of all, you’re supported by our team of experts, who can assist with designing and delivering a solution that meets your business needs.

Managed SD-WAN

Improve your network’s agility and deliver brilliant user experiences with our software-defined platform.

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Key features
Intelligently route application traffic based on defined policies and performance needs
Next-generation firewall protects your network from security breaches and malicious activity
Insights portal provides you with visibility of network performance and application usage

Managed Firewall

Protect your network and users when accessing business-critical tools and applications, whether they’re hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

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Key features
Next-generation firewall with advanced security capabilities
Intelligence updates protect your business from the latest threats and vulnerabilities
Insights portal provides you with visibility of application usage and security policies

Managed Router

Streamline your IT operations and network management with a fully managed router solution.

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Key features
Improve network resiliency and deliver temporary connectivity via 4G access
Deep packet inspection (DPI)
Insights portal provides visibility of traffic and applications being used

Secure Internet Gateway

A flexible and scalable solution hosted in the public cloud, Secure Internet Gateway is certified for protected-level data.

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Key features
Hosted in an AWS cloud environment
Rapid deployment without significant capital investment
Reduce latency and backhaul costs by allowing remote users to perform workloads in the cloud with direct access from the gateway

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