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Game changing transformation for business and government

Enabling new possibilities Australia wide

Early adopters of Vocus Satellite – Starlink are already reaping the rewards of our end-to-end, game changing technology. It’s not just stimulating innovation; it’s creating jobs and driving economic growth in rural communities. In metro areas it serves as an affordable lifeline during emergencies like floods and fires, ensuring that local businesses, community and emergency services stay connected 24/7.

Hear from the experts

Andrew Wildblood
Chief Executive,
Enterprise & Government, Vocus

"Starlink is a game changer for enterprises and governments in regional and remote Australia. It brings connectivity services never experienced before, with expert installation, service and assurance from Vocus."

Ashley Neale
Development Manager,
Satellite & Infrastructure, Vocus

"Starlink is helping deliver an equal experience wherever your organisation is operating from in Australia. And together with our full-service experience, there’s no longer a need to miss out."

Simon Head
State Manager WA,
ERU Lead, Vocus
"Starlink is a game changer for our resources and utilities industries, enabling low-latency, high-speed connectivity for enterprise and government customers like never before."

Improving health and wellbeing for remote workers

For workers living in remote locations, the ability to connect with co-workers, friends and family is crucial to mental wellbeing and productivity. With the connectivity enabled by Vocus Satellite – Starlink, workers in isolated locations can stay connected with friends and family, access telehealth services, tools and apps.

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Ensuring safe, resilient operations in mining

Ensuring safe and resilient operations has become critical for mining organisations which need to meet strict compliance requirements and maintain their social license to operate. Vocus Satellite – Starlink helps bring mining organisations into the future—providing robust connectivity and services to facilitate crucial innovation, drive efficiency and support enhanced decision-making.

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Delivering high quality services across all communities

Community services provide local communities with programs that further improve the quality of life and safety of the community. Vocus can build and connect an entire ecosystem with Vocus Satellite – Starlink which enables these services to be available in all corners of Australia, helping community service providers to achieve their objectives.

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Supporting higher yields and better quality in agriculture

Agribusinesses want solutions that automate farmwork and provide predictive, actionable insights that increase yields and decrease costs. Without this, it impacts productivity, quality, sustainability and competitiveness. With Vocus Satellite – Starlink, an agribusiness can experience real-time crop monitoring, automated smart irrigation, weed control, robotic planting and harvesting, and marketing opportunities through live streaming.

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Enabling greater profit and efficiency for utilities

Providing secure, reliable, and affordable services is becoming increasingly difficult for Australia’s power and utilities companies. Digital innovation backed by robust internet connectivity is critical in resolving these challenges. The secure, reliable connectivity and services provided by Vocus Satellite – Starlink gives power and utilities companies scope to future-proof their operations.

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Multiply your speed and reliability: bonding now available Australia-wide

Access metro fibre-like speed anywhere in Australia. Bonded Vocus Satellite - Starlink combines several connections into one easy-to-use Ethernet service delivering a significant increase to the normal service speed. This can also be further combined with other network types like mobile for added diversity and resilience. Bonded coverage solutions are available now across Australia for both ground installation and vehicles with full mobility.

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Our difference

Customised design

We can leverage the capabilities of Vocus Satellite – Starlink to deliver unique end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific requirements, integrating an array of technologies to achieve your business objectives.

Secure connectivity

Vocus can add a layer of resilience to your Vocus Satellite - Starlink service, with robust security and monitoring features. This cost effective service can be integrated into your monthly billing.

Integrated Billing

With Vocus, you get a cost effective, all-in-one, simplified contract for all your services, hardware, maintenance and support – everything rolled into one integrated bill.

Managed Logistics

We can manage the warehousing of spares and equipment near your sites, ready to install, to ensure fast delivery and provisioning of replacement parts.

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Enabling game changing transformation for business and government

In this eBook, we explore why organisations are turning to Vocus Satellite – Starlink to achieve innovation that was once a pipedream. Vocus, is now building integrated solutions that are generating returns for organisations, driving economic growth, and levelling the playing field for previously underserved communities.

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