Data centres

Highly scalable & flexible connections into data centres and software providers

Our highly connected facilities make a powerful difference to your business.

Leveraging a highly connected facility can make the difference between good and great business outcomes.

Interconnection services between clouds and data centres are fundamental. The right connections enable your business to access the best software applications to empower outcomes in an ever-changing technological environment. Flexible connectivity is also important, as it is critical to the performance of cloud services.

We operate 16 data centres across Australia and our network also connects into an additional 150-plus data centre locations. We also have partnerships with providers such as Equinix and Next DC, which means we can bring the interconnections you require for your business, no matter the location.

Cyber Security guide 2022

Despite enormous focus and investment in cyber security, dealing with cyber-attacks is still a major challenge for small to medium businesses. Self-reported losses from cybercrime in Australia totalled over $33 billion by 2021, and more than 50% of Australian businesses have been impacted by a cyber breach.

Vocus has published a cyber security guide to help businesses prepare against cyber-attacks and learn essential steps they can take right now to bolster security and reduce the impact of a cyber incident.

Download and read this practical guide to learn how to reduce targeted cyber threats and help protect your business.

Discover the latest in data centre solutions


Our Colocation solution provides rack space within a state-of-the-art data centre with all the power, cooling, and security managed by an expert team. It’s a highly available, secure, flexible, and easily scalable solution.

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Cloud Connect

Vocus Cloud Connect suits businesses of all sizes that require a direct, private connection to their public cloud provider.

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Business continuity

Geared for businesses that need a business continuity plan to minimise risk exposure, improve business resiliency, recover data quickly, and to be prepared for unexpected disasters.

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Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery provides businesses with assurances that in the event of an outage or disaster, they will be able to restore their critical IT functionality.

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Why choose Vocus for data centres

Vocus data centres suit any size business needing secure colocation facilities for their own infrastructure.

Interconnections that matter

Directly connecting into more than 150 data centres means that your business can access the Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that matter.

Empowering software solutions

With access to SaaS being more important than ever, our data centre solutions help deliver consistent experiences to your end users.

Better business partnerships

Leverage the same private connectivity to cloud services to build peering relationships with your key partners and service providers.

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