Cloud Backup for Veeam

Protect your business with additional layers of backup.

Increase data retention with offsite facilities using Vocus.

Cloud Backup for Veeam makes it easy to extend your backup infrastructure to the Vocus cloud, providing you with the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is backed up offsite.

Cloud Backup for Veeam integrates hosted Vocus backup repositories—cloud repositories—directly into the Veeam backup console. There’s no separate console, and Vocus Cloud repositories work like other backups, except they’re available even if the primary backup fails.

Cloud Backup for Veeam, powered by Vocus Cloud, is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable backup solution. It integrates with Veeam to provide fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of data, bringing virtual machine backup together in a single software solution, with award-winning support for VMware and Microsoft virtual environments.

Key features

Vocus Cloud Backup for Veeam® perfectly suits any small-to-medium-sized business looking to back up its data offsite.

Safe and secure

Connect to Cloud Backup for Veeam using HTTPS over your Vocus IP WAN or internet connection.

Hosted in Australia

With all data hosted in Vocus data centres, you are assured of your data remaining in Australia.

Cost effective

You only pay for the space you use, not the inbound or outbound traffic that your backups utilise.

Data and virtual machines (VM)

With support for popular VM providers and simple data, Cloud Backup for Veeam is a great solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Typical Cloud Backup for Veeam network

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