Hybrid cloud

Network, colocation, private, and public cloud solutions for your environments.

Choose a scalable cloud strategy that matches your desired business outcomes.

Accelerate your business’s adoption of cloud infrastructure with peace of mind.

Our hybrid cloud solutions provide your employees and customers with the right access to the applications and services that you provide and they need.

There is no one way that hybrid cloud should be designed or built. Instead, choices such as public cloud vs private cloud, or Software as a Service vs Infrastructure as a Service, need to be assessed in the context of your business needs.

These solutions can be challenging to design, build, and manage on your own. Working with a skilled partner allows you to stay focused on achieving your business outcomes, rather than worrying about component technologies, managing project risks, and having less control of your cloud strategy.

Vocus white paper: leveraging hybrid cloud in a time of rapid transformation

Digital transformation has been a catch-cry of business and government for more than a decade, driving companies to invest strategically in cloud technologies that help them run more efficiently and deliver better customer experiences. Cloud promises a range of benefits, from improved business resilience and disaster recovery to increased agility, better surge management, lower costs, and a more stable platform for business applications

Why choose Vocus for hybrid cloud


  • Dedicated, private interconnections between your office and sites and more than 150 data centre locations nationwide
  • Security credentials to meet the compliance needs of government agencies
  • Strong operational compliance as part of Australia’s critical infrastructure


  • We own and manage extensive network assets, and have the expertise and solutions to meet the needs of enterprise and government customers
  • We work with expert partners to provide you the specialist skills you need


  • Entirely flexible solutions, designed to connect what you need in the right way
  • We partner with world-leading cloud providers to offer cloud solutions to meet your needs


  • We understand it’s important to move at a pace that enables you to keep existing services and solutions
  • We’ll work with you to get your business on the path to hybrid cloud by changing only what is necessary with minimal disruption

Hybrid cloud with Vocus

Discover the right hybrid cloud solutions for your business

Infrastructure as a Service

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers a robust platform built on industry-leading technologies and connected to one of Australia’s largest fibre networks.

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Key features
Multiple locations
Well-known technologies
Support you can count on

Vocus Cloud Connect

Vocus Cloud Connect suits businesses of all sizes that require a direct, private connection to their public cloud provider.

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Key features
Choose from bandwidth as low as 50Mbps and up to 10Gbps that's scalable in increments
Cloud Connect supports multiple virtual connections
Our high-performance ethernet services connect you to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud from anywhere on our network

Google Cloud

We offer your business a full-service capability when it comes to Google Cloud. This includes multiple private connectivity options (direct and multi-cloud), your consumption of all Google Cloud Platform services included on your Vocus bill at no additional cost, as well as support from expert partners who can help bring your requirements to reality.

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Key features
Optimise connectivity to your business outcomes
Custom solutions with reduced vendor management
All-inclusive billing

Cloud Backup for Veeam

Vocus Cloud Backup for Veeam® perfectly suits any small- to medium-sized business looking to securely back up its data offsite.

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Key features
Connect to Cloud Backup for Veeam using HTTPS over your Vocus IP WAN or internet connection
With all data hosted in our data centres, you are assured of your data remaining in Australia
You only pay for the space you use, not the inbound or outbound traffic that your backups utilise

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