Keeping people safe and connected

With reliable and resilient mission critical communications

Secure connectivity for incidents and disasters

In Australia, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a natural disaster will disrupt mobile and terrestrial telecommunications networks. Connectivity can be quickly restored using Vocus rapid deployment infrastructure to provide essential voice and data services in times of crisis.

Real time, high speed data

Clear voice communication and real-time data are essential for emergency service crews to respond quickly to community needs. The latest generation of low earth orbit satellite technology, Vocus Satellite – Starlink, can create coverage there is none – or where a disaster has disrupted existing networks.

Supporting critical communications across Australia

Low earth orbit satellite technology can provide coverage across every part of the Australian land mass. Combined with a private 4G/5G network this can enable emergency services crews to communicate with each other over long distances and operation command centres. Low latency satellite connections allow real-time, high-speed audio and video streaming even in the most remote parts of Australia.

Vocus and NSW Telco Authority demonstrate Starlink-connected ‘mobile network in the sky’ for disaster relief connectivity

Emergency services organisations recently tested Vocus’ new ‘mobile network in the sky’ drone solution at a NSW Rural Fire Service base in Bimbimbie. Led by the NSW Telco Authority's Next Generation Digital Connectivity initiative, the demonstration showed how drones can provide critical communication services, especially when natural disasters disrupt standard mobile networks.

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How we help the emergency services

Vocus Satellite - Starlink
Seamlessly connect vehicles, devices and services using Vocus Satellite – Starlink.
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LTE on air

Ad hoc rapid deployment of communication services.

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Managed SD-WAN

Secure integrated solutions in one place with modern multi-path network management capabilities.

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Industry expertise

Vocus and Challenge Networks have a depth of knowledge and expertise in mobile, fixed and integrated networks.

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Case study: building in redundancy with satellite connectivity to keep the community in touch

“Satellite broadband is a real game changer for Council. It doesn’t require the traditional infrastructure of cables and fibre optics which can be disrupted during floods and fires”.

Ray Brownlee, CEO Northern Beaches Council

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