Space-based connectivity for the future

2021 & 2022 ACOMM awards: Vocus judged “The leading enabler to emerging low earth orbit (LEO) satellite industry"
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Are you a high-value, high-risk operation?

Satellite could be THE FUTURE of your communications strategy

Today's digitally powered businesses and governments rely heavily on connectivity to

  • maintain critical services and customer communications
  • operate in remote locations far from urban HQs
  • build resilience against cyber-attacks or natural disasters

With the advent of new technologies to enable truly global, low-latency satellite connectivity, Vocus is at the forefront to provide flexible, scalable and reliable communications solutions and get your business/organisation future-ready.

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Low-latency, high speed connectivity across Australia

Announcing Vocus Satellite - Starlink, powered by Starlink’s high performance constellation of low-earth orbit satellites. Business connectivity on the world's largest LEO satellite network.

Now available from Vocus.
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Vocus’ Role in the Satellite Service Experience

Companies like Starlink, OneWeb, Amazon Kuiper and TeleSat are set to deliver global LEO constellations, with plans to offer services in the Australian market. With 20+ years experience as a nationally scaled, licensed telecommunications carrier, and recipient to Australian Space Industry Award at both the 2022 and 2021 ACOMM Awards, Vocus is investing in our fibre to provide the foundational infrastructure enabling these services.

Why Australia and LEO satellite technology is a match made in heaven

What makes Australia such an important market for low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites? We talk to David Thorn, Vice President APAC from OneWeb, about why LEO technology is so relevant to Australia, OneWeb’s approach to the Australian market, and the opportunities for businesses, government, and communities.

How LEO satellites are a game changer for high risk, high value operations

Low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology is changing the game for secure, high-speed connectivity in regional and remote Australia, particularly for industries involved with either high risk or high value operations. Join us as we talk to two leading LEO satellite experts, Ashley Neale and Cal Mayhook, to discuss the incredible benefits this technology is bringing to emergency services, the resources sector, opportunities in education, connectivity to remote communities, and much more.

How LEO satellites are revolutionising connectivity

Why and how has the space and satellite industry suddenly become so relevant to every industry and person on the planet? In this episode, we talk about one of our favourites topics to  Phil Ridley, CEO Quasar Satellite Technologies. We discuss the opportunities and challenges for business and government, the role Australian organisations can expect to play in the new space race, and much more.

Business & Enterprise

Satellite Operators

Who are our Partners?

Vocus are the first Australian carrier to partner with Starlink, delivering Vocus Satellite-Starlink for Australian enterprise and civil government customers. Working with a global technology leader, like Starlink, brings a game-changing satellite connectivity to customers.

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Partnering with nbn, Vocus has developed leading capabilities in satellite access technology. We are making business nbn Satellite Services more accessible and affordable for government and enterprise customers

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Vocus becomes OneWeb’s first distribution partner in Australia, delivering fibre-like services from the sky. The partnership will see Vocus deliver OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency communications services across the country

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Vocus has partnered with Quasar, Australian space startup who are set to revolutionise space communications, allowing ground stations to talk to hundreds of satellites at once using technology developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency

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Our Credentials

Ground Infrastructure Partner

16 ground stations built by Vocus and operational in Australia today

Hybrid Satellite Integrator

Hybrid and multi-cloud design, deployment and management services

Business-Grade Satellite

End-to-end solution, including full installation of satellite equipment onsite and tech support

Distribution Partners of GEO and LEO

Commercial partnering and distribution arrangements with a range of GEO, MEO and LEO providers

How Business nbn(TM) Satellite Service is transforming remote Australia

Northern Minerals, the only heavy rare-earths producer outside of China, operates a 55-person pilot plant at its Browns Range project in Northern Western Australia. Being located outside nbn’s fixed line network meant poor connectivity and challenges in attracting a skilled workforce. To turn this around, Vocus successfully delivered business-grade network services via nbn satellite.

This increased operational efficiency and boosted productivity as it enabled their workforce to stay connected to their family, friends and the outside world.

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In the news

Global and Australian leaders in space communications — Northrop Grumman, Inmarsat, L3Harris, AECOM, Blacktree Technologies, EM Solutions and Vocus — will draw on decades of collective experience to invest in and grow an Australian sovereign satellite communications capability, increase resiliency of military satellite communications for the future battlespace and create jobs across Australia.

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