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Dark Fibre

The freedom to design your network solution with maximum control over the technology, security, and performance.

What is Dark Fibre?

Vocus Dark Fibre is the best choice for enterprise and government customers who need flexibility and control of their network infrastructure.

It provides the physical infrastructure on which you can future-proof your network, using the transport technology of your choice. We provide extensive fibre-optic coverage in Australia, so you can control how much bandwidth is available and scale your network as needed.

With our Dark Fibre, you have full control of your network, with unlit fibre-optic cabling and the choice of how, when, and what equipment to use, depending on your business applications and bandwidth requirements. With allocated fibre dedicated solely to your business, your physical network is totally separate, providing you with privacy and security not available with managed networks from other providers.

Dark Fibre offers a cost-effective way for your business to have autonomy over your network and the ability to decide how your network should be lit. Our fibre design and build capabilities mean our solutions can also address your network objectives, ensuring your network provides the reliability and resilience your business needs.

Our team has a depth of experience in building fibre networks and is ready to assist in building the network your business needs to succeed.

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Key features

Control over your network
  • Vocus Dark Fibre gives you complete control over the terminating equipment, transmission, and overall link capacity
  • Manage your latency and speed requirements to maximise use of business applications
  • Complete bandwidth and network protocol flexibility—upgrade by changing or reconfiguring your hardware to increase bandwidth and optimise performance
  • Flexible commercial terms, including longer contracts up to five years
Peace of mind
  • Your business gets its own connection—like a private lane on a highway—and the incomparable security and flexibility that comes with it
  • We can provide a truly redundant connection that gives your business the ultimate in reliability, availability, and confidence
Fibre where you need it
  • Vocus Dark Fibre is available in more than 100 data centres nationally and thousands of locations in metro and selected regional areas
  • Our network is one of the most interconnected in Australia, with connections to all major cloud services
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Network diagram

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Why choose Vocus Dark Fibre

Our owned, maintained, and managed optical-fibre network provides you with choice across every layer of connectivity, including infrastructure cables, point-to-point, and the network.

Route distances

We provide optimised network design with low-latency strategic routes, such as Sydney CBD to ASX data centre.


We provide options for geographic diversity tailored to your requirements.


We’re specialists in building fibre networks and provide full project management from order to delivery.

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