Dark Fibre

The freedom to design your network solution with maximum control over technology, security, and performance.

Dark fibre design and delivery experts

Our years of successful implementations have earned us a reputation for excellence. Since 2007 we’ve been designing effective solutions, from the smallest to the most complex situations and challenging landscapes. With teams of state-based fibre experts available to bring their local knowledge to any project, we have a comprehensive understanding of local requirements and can ensure your provisioning is completed on time and on budget.

Vocus Customer Story: Tesserent

"By putting in Vocus Dark Fibre we were able to immediately go to 10Gbps, with the capacity to go much faster in the future simply by swapping over the network equipment at either end. It doesn’t cost us any extra from Vocus if we do that. Giving our client this speed and a redundant design, it meant they could have confidence they’d be able to access their files even if one of the links was unavailable.”

Paul Cosgrove, Senior Account Manager, Tesserent

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Enabling digital first organisations with scalable dark fibre services

Global data creation is forecast to almost triple between 2020 to 2025, reaching more than 180 zettabytes. With government agencies and enterprise seeking to enable rapid adoption of data-rich AI/ML technologies, dark fibre is enabling these organisations to stay ahead of the curve.

This eBook covers key insights, and what to look for in a dark fibre provider.

Comprehensive coverage to 5900+ buildings and 120+ datacentres

Dark Fibre applications

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre is your fully dedicated fibre-optic point-to-point connection. We make it simple for the businesses wanting the unmatched speed, control, security and scalability that it offers.

Scott Wall, Chief Information Officer, BankVic

BankVIC required high-capacity, reliable links across its branches and data centres, along with strong dark fibre and connectivity capabilities.

Dark Fibre expansion across Sydney Harbour

Our 12th crossing of Sydney Harbour to further enhance our dark fibre capacity for our customers & the interconnections we have between major data centres.

Connectivity to meet your exact requirements

Whether you want the shortest path, the one that ensures the lowest latency, or a second path to increase the redundancy of an existing service, we will work with you to find the best options.​

Don’t worry if your requirements change as your project progresses, we will work with you to ensure you continue to have the best connectivity for your needs. That includes not only developing customised paths, but doing so with accurate fixed costings provided to you before ordering – without any hidden costs.​

Our difference

Customised design

We design and deliver reliable, scalable connectivity to ensure your dark fibre service will meet your need now and, in the future.

Fibre delivery experts

Since 2007 our fibre build team has earned a reputation for excellence. We design and build connectivity on time and within your budget.

Fixed accurate pricing

We guarantee fixed pricing before you order. No hidden service charges or bill shock.

Where you need it

Our dark fibre network connects 120+ datacentres covering a distance of 14,600kms Australia-wide, and we are adding more all the time.
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