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We’re a trusted provider to the Federal Government through our position on the Commonwealth Telecommunications Marketplace (TMP). This enables us to tender for services to federal government agencies in the categories of data carriage, internet carriage, voice carriage, unified communications, dark fibre, satellite carriage, managed WAN, and common services.

We have successfully tendered and delivered a significant number of contracts for federal government agencies, including connectivity and solutions for the Bureau of Meteorology, the Department of Finance’s Government Network Services Branch, Department of Treasury, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Department of Defence, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Our solutions are underpinned by our 25,000km high-capacity, highly secure fibre network connecting Australia’s capital cities to many regional and remote areas and overseas. Our expertise in networks and infrastructure allows us to partner with global providers to deliver unique solutions at scale.

We have a strong history and proven experience in operating secure and trusted networks, including our dedicated Vocus Advanced Services (VAS) domain, which is compliant with the evolving security requirements of the Commonwealth and associated agencies.

'AI & Chat GPT – Opportunities, Ethics – Where to From Here'

Watch Trans-Tasman Business Circle's 'AI & Chat GPT – Opportunities, Ethics – Where to From Here?' panel discussion on the rapid use of AI for efficiency, innovation and problem-solving by enterprises and governments, and the growing need to tackle ethical, social and technical obstacles.

Featuring Dr. Peter Collins DPhil (Oxon) , Executive Director, Peter Collins & Associates, Head of Ethics & Integrity, WEHI; Kate Ford, Data & AI Specialist, Microsoft; Dr. Kellie Nuttall, Strategy & Business Design Leader, Deloitte; and Prof. Toby Walsh, Chief Scientist, Laureate Fellow, Scientia Professor, UNSW Ai Institute.

Moderated by Vocus Chief Executive, Enterprise and Government, Andrew Wildblood.

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How we help federal government

Vocus Advanced Services (VAS)

We offer a purpose-built secure network domain known as VAS which allows us to meet the evolving security requirements of the Commonwealth.

Security-cleared specialists

All of our government data remains onshore. Our teams involved with our secure network and any Commonwealth project hold appropriate clearances.

Operations Command Centre (OCC)

Our OCC, located in Melbourne, runs 24x7. It's monitored by our security team, providing added network security and resiliency.

Connectivity re-imagined

Delve deeper into our latest Vocus report to know all about Connectivity 4.0 — what it consists of, how it works, and why you need to embrace its changes to give your digital business an edge in a rapidly changing future.

Listen to the podcast or click on the button below to download the full report and find out how your organisation can take control to successfully implement digital transformation.

Enabling new possibilities in metro, regional and remote Australia

Vocus Satellite-Starlink solves the problem of remote connectivity by providing low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity across Australia.

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Providing critical 4G/5G mobile connectivity in remote areas

Using high-speed low-earth orbit satellite (LEO) connectivity from Vocus Satellite – Starlink, the Australian-made drone acts as a mobile tower in the sky, providing connectivity while being able to fly for an indefinite period of time.

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Our products


With the coverage provided by your secure, sovereign purpose-built network and satellite connectivity, we keep your organisations and people connected.

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Secure Internet Gateway is an innovative solution for securing and protecting against malicious traffic using an Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP)-assessed public cloud environment.

Find out how Secure Internet Gateway can help your government department.

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We provide leading voice, video, and virtual meeting solutions to help you and your teams remain connected, whether working remotely or from the office.

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Discover the secret to sovereign, secure, national fibre solutions.

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