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We deliver managed SD-WAN with flexibility, proactive monitoring, and local account management.

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White paper: Adapting to the changing business environment with a long-term network strategy

Increasing cloud adoption, the proliferation of endpoint devices, implementation of 5G, and greater demands on network and application performance have now created a perfect storm that puts immense pressure on IT networks to transform.

Many organisations implemented quick-fix solutions to maintain operations during times of uncertainty. However, organisations that fail to plan for the long term usually end up with a technical debt that they struggle to repay and a complex environment to manage. A long-term network strategy is essential to thrive in the long term. SD-WAN provides the answer, as it delivers both quick wins and a long-term networking approach that empowers businesses to adapt to the changing business environment successfully.

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Tip sheet: Seven elements to look for in your managed SD-WAN provider

SD-WAN can deliver exceptional networking benefits including better application performance and user experiences, more reliable traffic management, and increased visibility into the network. However, when they don’t work with the right partners, new SD-WAN customers often face key challenges including unexpectedly high costs, challenging implementations, increased management and support requirements, lack of security, and insufficient visibility and control.

Choosing the right provider can help solve or avoid these challenges. We’ve compiled a list of seven elements you should look for in your SD-WAN partner. Learn what they are and how to find them.

Is your network ready to support your business into the next decade?

With staff no longer safely tucked behind network firewalls and company data centres, the risk of cyberattack has grown.

SD-WAN helps address the complexities of hybrid and remote working by providing security to the edge of the network and keeping remote staff cybersafe as they access your organisation’s data and systems.

Today’s networking choices need to deliver a powerful and secure user experience, ensuring workers have access to systems and data, and gaining full visibility into the network. Without the right networking solutions in place, your organisation will struggle to fully leverage business-critical technologies such as SaaS, IoT, streaming video, collaboration tools, and more.

SD-WAN solutions built on a strong network underlay are changing the game for businesses. They present a long-term, strategic solution that can help drive continued growth for your business. It’s essential to understand how to incorporate SD-WAN into your networking strategy so that you can improve your network reliability, flexibility, and speed. It’s also important to know what to look for in an SD-WAN provider.

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Why Vocus for SD-WAN

Remote working, the need to rapidly provision branch offices or remote sites, and the increasing threat of cybersecurity breaches have combined to create demand for a new type of networking. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solves many of these problems by:

  • adding a strong security element to the edge of the network
  • delivering an optimum end-user experience for staff working from anywhere
  • providing unprecedented visibility into the network for improved control
  • letting businesses roll out new sites faster with low-touch provisioning.

Not all SD-WAN offerings are created equal. Choosing the right one can deliver results that empower your business to grow.

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How to win the snakes and ladders of SD-WAN

SD-WAN solves many pain points for organisations that need to move to a modern, secure way of working. However, if you don’t have the right SD-WAN provider, it can sometimes feel like you’re playing a game of snakes and ladders with one wrong move setting your business back significantly.

Here’s how Vocus is different:

A local team of experienced professionals
Proactive monitoring
Device management
Extreme flexibility
  • A local team of experienced professionals
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Device management
  • Co-management
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Futureproofing

A local team of experienced professionals

Our Australia-wide support team is standing by to professionally install, and configure and support your SD-WAN services and address any issues you may face, ensuring you’re up and running sooner.

As a customer of Vocus, you have your own local account manager, so there’s always someone you know on the other end of the phone when you need help.

Analyst reports

Fortinet in IDC

Fortinet is positioned as a Leader in the 2021 IDC Marketscape for Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure.

Vocus in ISG

We’re recognised as a Leader for Managed SD-WAN services in ISG's 2021 Provider Lens.

Fortinet in Gartner

Fortinet is recognised as a Leader in Gartner's® 2021 Magic Quadrant™ Reports for Network Firewalls and WAN Edge Infrastructure.

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A hybrid SD-WAN solution from Vocus and Fortinet

“The solution presented by Vocus and Fortinet was unique in that it was a managed service, which made it a one-stop shop. This meant that AnglicareSA did not need to rely on multiple vendors to deliver solutions across different sites or needs.”

Michael Phillips, Enterprise Account Manager, Fortinet

How Vocus delivers brilliant made simple for customers

Read our blogs below for an insight on how Vocus and its customers work together to achieve brilliant solutions.

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SD-WAN - what is it?

You may have heard about SD-WAN, one of the fastest-growing tech sectors. In fact, the International Data Corporation estimates that the SD-WAN market is poised to reach $5.25 billion by 2023. The reason is simple: software-defined WAN allows businesses to extend their network capabilities to branch offices, mobile users, and into the cloud quickly and easily.

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Keeping your network secure with SD-WAN

Network security is a moving target. Every time you add a new network service (digital transformation, or DX), you are expanding your attack surface, while adversaries develop newer, faster and more clever ways to hack into your systems, steal or corrupt your data and degrade your network performance. These services all need to be secured.

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Managed service options for SD-WAN

Today’s workforce requires fast, secure access to email, enterprise applications, and the cloud, regardless of device or location. Increasingly, SD-WAN is becoming the ‘solution du jour’ for distributed enterprises as they adapt their networks to cater to a rapidly evolving workforce.

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Getting your SD-WAN upgrade underway

Network upgrades are a process – they don’t happen overnight. But they don’t have to be difficult. In fact, that’s one of the key benefits of a managed service. The service provider assumes some of the risk, takes care of the bulk of the work, and via a service level agreement guarantees that the upgraded network services work as specified.

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