Driving better business outcomes

With the right strategy organisations can use cybersecurity to deliver better business outcomes.

Cyber is a catalyst for business excellence

Forward thinking organisations are starting to use cybersecurity as a strategy to retain and attract staff, improve reputation and drive operational resilience, which leads to increased revenue, customer trust, and employee productivity. Embedding cybersecurity into the core of transformation initiatives not only enhances their resilience against threats, but also places them in a prime position to innovate across the entire enterprise, achieving a new benchmark in performance and security.

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Driving better business outcomes

Attract and keep talent

By ensuring the data and applications your workers need are instantly available from anywhere

Enhance brand reputation

By enabling customers to easily access digital services, while protecting their data and privacy

Drive operational resilience

By ensuring critical infrastructure is always connected, secure and compliant

Grow, innovate and thrive

By making cybersecurity an integral part of the organisation’s transformation program

Solving industry challenges


The right security strategy enables healthcare providers to better service patients in homes and hospitals. It enables better experiences for staff and patients and improves worker retention.

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Utilities & Resources

Elevating security postures improves visibility of operational data which can help reduce risk of accidents and secures a harmonised balance between productivity and safety.

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Financial Services

Enhanced security improves the employee experience while providing better control of data and application access that is critical in meeting financial services regulatory obligations.

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Building business-critical connections

Secure cloud and user connectivity has become foundational to the distributed enterprise, and increasingly vital to achieving key business outcomes. This eBook explores the key challenges organisations are facing as they become more distributed, and the outcomes they’re seeking to achieve.

How Vocus is driving business innovation

Cyber Security assessment for Australian businesses

Threat of cyber-attack has been identified as the number one global business risk, with around 50% of Australian businesses being impacted by a cyber breach since 2021. Vocus has developed a proven assessment process to help boost resilience against cybersecurity threats and address compliance requirements.

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