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We’re helping a more connected health sector deliver vital care to patients.

Our brilliant fibre and network solutions are enabling digital transformation in health and aged care.

The role of secure, reliable, and high-performance network solutions in healthcare is more important than ever. Patient expectations continue to grow, with tech-enabled healthcare removing the boundaries that once hindered access to personalised care. Today, patients expect scheduling appointments, consulting with doctors, receiving test results, and more, to be simple while still receiving high-quality care at a reasonable price.

With patients more digitally connected to health providers, there are greater challenges for ensuring patients have confidence their personal information is secure and protected, they receive the right quality of care, and they are able to access healthcare professionals how and when they need.

Vocus can help you overcome these challenges with a network that is purpose-built for high-performance, reliability, and can be quickly scaled to support the needs of your organisation. Our world-class expertise, specialist channel partners, and unique customer focus enable us to deliver holistic solutions to help your business innovate and grow.

Case study: how we enabled an IaaS solution for better staff outcomes

“Vocus’ approach is scalable and adaptable to our future needs. We have now dramatically reduced the complexity of our systems so there is less friction, rework, and time lost for staff—so we can focus on delivering improved outcomes.”

Mark Dunne, General Manager, Digital Solutions
Anglicare WA

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How we help the health and aged care industry

Vocus offer a range of solutions and services that help drive digital solutions for healthcare.

Enable digital care

Innovation in healthcare service delivery requires network infrastructure that’s secure, reliable and gives you more control. Take advantage of solutions that help you deliver an adaptive enterprise environment and manage costs.

Find out more about our Managed SD-WAN solution.

Connect and collaborate

Solutions for connecting staff and increasing collaboration are important for providing the best level of care. They also enable better engagement with patients, greater productivity, reduced risks, and improve compliance.

Find out more about our collaboration and hybrid cloud solutions.

Access for more Australians

For Australians living in regional and rural areas, secure, reliable and high-performance connectivity is playing a growing role in improving access to health professionals and services. Our purpose-built national fibre network is helping to connect some of Australia’s most remote locations.

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Supporting the growth of telehealth

In healthcare, the value of new ideas, approaches, and solutions is ultimately measured in lives created, improved, extended, and saved. Across Australia, Vocus is supporting healthcare organisations with the infrastructure, connectivity and service to achieve these outcomes.

"There are huge areas that have very poor healthcare professional coverage in rural Australia—telehealth can be a game changer in that regard.”

Robyn Gallagher, Professor of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Health
Sydney Nursing School, University of Sydney

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