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A safer, more productive mining & resources industry

Transform your operations to enhance productivity, worker wellness and safety.

The resources industry gets more complex every day.

The need to improve safety and worker wellbeing, enhance productivity, and meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) guidelines is helping to drive more connected things and the rapid adoption of technology. As a result, the IT landscape for the resources sector has become increasingly complex, deepening the need for secure, adaptive, and resilient solutions accessible in some of the most remote locations.

The resources industry continues to invest in IT solutions to support digitisation. Companies cannot afford to have their investment in technology fail. Workers and equipment rely on tracking, access to cloud-based applications, data flow, and communication, all of which need secure and scalable solutions powered by a resilient network backbone.

We have long-standing experience in the resources sector and work with our customers to drive change for a safer, more sustainable future.

Case study: boosting internet connectivity for a remote mining operation

"It’s hard to put into words the positive impact that this project has had, not just for our own employees, but also for the greater community of the town’s farmers and local businesses that are offered access to our private internet network."

Sean Kocis, Senior Network & Systems Engineer
Minjar Gold

How we help the mining and resources industry

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Power AI and automation

Remote locations require minimised latency and reliable connectivity for the use of AI and automated machinery. This helps avoid production loss and time delays for a safer, more efficient environment.

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Compliance and proactive management of environmental risks requires increased use of sensors and remote monitoring. The increase in edge devices with computing to process and categorise data needs fast and secure delivery.

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Health and wellbeing

Connect remote workers with family and friends, plus entertainment options, such as on-demand video streaming to provide benefits to workers for their welfare and mental wellbeing.

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Northern Minerals

Case study: Northern Minerals and business nbn Satellite Service

“We made the decision to move our services over to Vocus because of the company’s strong presence in the mining industry, expertise in connecting remote sites, and previous positive experiences using Vocus.”

Robin Jones, Chief Operating Officer
Northern Minerals

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