Business continuity

Helping you reduce risk, improve resiliency, and recover data quickly when you need.

The back-up site you need when the pressure is on.

Our business continuity facilities have been stress-tested by some of Australia’s largest companies. From answering your phone, redirecting mail, and handling your creditors, you need a facility that helps your people feel comfortable and ready to do their job.

Our shared workspaces provide access to office functions you require when your office space isn’t available. Our facilities contain everything from desk space, meeting rooms, printers, mail, and phone systems. A Vocus shared workspace helps businesses of all sizes meet their recovery requirements.

Should you need dedicated equipment and configurations, we also offer dedicated workspaces. These give you the ability to pre-configure all components to have your people up and running as quickly as possible. They’re a valuable solution for organisations that have very specific operating requirements or highly sensitive working conditions.

Our contracted solutions include the opportunity to conduct an annual test, with more testing available should you need. These activities help make it easier to test your business continuity plans and ensure you’re ready to go should a need arise.

Key features

Geared for businesses that require a business continuity plan to minimise risk exposure, improve business resiliency, quickly recover data, and be prepared for any possible disaster events.

Test, test, test

  • Organisations that fail to regularly test their business continuity plans are more likely to suffer from an extended interruption to their business.
  • Testing includes everything from desktop walk-throughs to bringing your team on site to test operations and scenarios.

Trusted facilities

  • Our business continuity facilities are purpose-built to keep your critical business functions operating.
  • We are trusted by some of Australia’s largest organisations, that have strict regulatory and compliance requirements, to keep the lights on and the business running.

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