Disaster recovery

We can provide the network and solutions you need to meet your recovery objectives.

Assurance for your business when you need it.

Disaster recovery provides businesses with assurances that in the event of an outage or disaster, they'll be able to restore their critical IT functionality.

Our expert team can help you build a tailored disaster recovery plan or give you access to the services you need to implement your own. You can use Vocus solutions, such as Cloud Backup for Veeam or our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, as a base for your recovery. Having all your requirements in one place will improve your ability to recover and minimise your downtime.

When no downtime is acceptable, you can leverage our high-performance network solutions between our facilities to achieve continuous availability.

Key features

Disaster recovery plans enable you to proactively improve your systems, while minimising downtime issues.

Supporting continuous availability

Having multiple locations to run your applications from means there will be minimal downtime for your business.

High availability

Reducing your business downtime can be critical to your overall business outcomes. With active/active solutions and less than one hour downtime, we can help minimise data loss.

Standby options

Some applications don’t require immediate recovery or no downtime. In these cases, businesses can choose between warm standby or cold standby recovery options.

Case study: Regis Aged Care

"With Vocus, we now have superior disaster recovery capability. We can have every application back up and running within 15 minutes with no data loss."

David Thompson, CIO
Regis Aged Care

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