Michael Ackland Comms Day 2021 mtime20210505135645Michael Ackland Comms Day 2021 mtime20210505135645

Michael Ackland, General Manager Government and Strategic Projects, presents at CommsDay Summit 2021

We're pleased to be a major sponsor of the CommsDay Summit 2021. Each year, the Australian telecommunications industry gathers to address the business, policy, and technology opportunities and challenges for telcos. We're thrilled to take part and have some of our leaders speak as part of the program.

On day two of the event, Vocus General Manager, Government & Strategic Projects, Michael Ackland, discussed how Australia's rapidly developing satellite market will change the way the telco industry delivers services, and how satellite is poised to become a mainstream technology like fibre or 5G.

He highlighted how the arrival of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites mean telecoms operators will have to reconsider the optimal choice of technology for a wide range of customers, including consumers, enterprise, and government markets.

As a founding partner of Quasar Satellite Technologies, Vocus will be able to dramatically improve the speed, logistics, and economics of LEO satellite deployments in Australia.

Read the full speech here: PDF download.