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Our Digital Partner Ecosystem

In today's digital ecosystem, there is a need to rapidly bring innovative offers to market through a variety of both on-net assets, as well as partner technologies and infrastructure.

Vocus APIs are the connective tissue across this ecosystem, providing a frictionless digital experience where the customer is in control. Customers will have the ability to adjust their service from what would once take a number of days to now just minutes.

A single set of APIs for Vocus products​

Products are defined by catalogue specifications that can be read and managed at runtime.

Industry standard orchestration patterns enabling common operational process and persona-based customer experiences​

Single standards-based secure API platform with a catalogue driven data model.

Vocus has responded to its customers API needs in regards to:

  • On-demand connectivity services​
  • Digital services with edge computing & comprehensive security​
  • Automated & programmable networks​
  • Flexible interconnected partner ecosystems with local and sometimes global reach

Strategic alignment​

  • Vocus’ API features and roadmap are informed by our Customer’s needs and priorities​.
  • Our features closely align with your Business value (e.g. expand business offerings, increase revenue streams, and improve customer experiences).​

Standards based​

  • Industry standard based architecture, allowing developers to easily combine and exchange data between different services​.
  • Whether you have an in-house development shop, or are working with an IT professional services provider on a well known application, taking a standards approach means lower cost to develop and less risk of having to build customisations.

Security and Privacy​

  • Our APIs provide authentication and authorisation to enforce access control.
  • MEF Sonata API standards provide encryption features to protect data and communications from unauthorised access.​

Developer Community​

  • A strong developer community is critical to the success of an API. ​
  • Here at Vocus we have put a renewed focus on the on-boarding journey and we ensure there will be tools and people that are here to support you.​

Wholesale Internet and Ethernet APIs

Vocus will partner with you every step of the way. From supporting you and your technical teams to fully understand the possibilities this Next Generation of Vocus APIs can unlock, to building your capability, to performing interoperability testing, and of course to working with you to resolve any issues that may arise in Production. ​​

Our team at Vocus is committed to enabling exceptional customer experiences and our new digital platform is just the beginning. We invite you to speak to your account manager today about onboarding our next generation Vocus APIs or register your interest via the form below.