Enabling carers to deliver higher quality healthcare

Vocus Security Services

Giving your carers fast, managed access to the right digital tools leads to higher retention and better healthcare.

Vocus security services enables carers in the field to deliver faster turnaround time in diagnosis and medication supply. Carers are more productive, can resolve issues quickly, and offer better quality of service to patients. Which means they can do their job with less stress and frustration.

“The Vocus solution has really helped AnglicareSA to bring its full set of capabilities to the customers’ place of residence.”
Jamie Anderson, Technology & Transformation - AnglicareSA

This new streamlined work environment helps healthcare providers retain and attract talent. Overall it leads to better quality healthcare, happier patients, and improved online reputation.

The Vocus difference

Enhanced Care

High speed connectivity enables mobile carers to make informed decisions and deliver quality of care

Secured Medical Records

Protecting patient medical data while providing carers with pervasive, reliable data access

Retain and Attract Staff

Easier, faster access to the right tools and data results in less frustration, less admin and higher retention

Flexible Work

Remote access to collaboration tools allows staff to perform their job function from anywhere

Cyber Security assessment for Australian businesses

Threat of cyber-attack has been identified as the number one global business risk, with around 50% of Australian businesses being impacted by a cyber breach since 2021. Vocus has developed a proven assessment process to help boost resilience against cybersecurity threats and address compliance requirements.

To get you started we offer a brief discovery session that will provide you with a report identifying security gaps and prioritised recommendations that you can implement.

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