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Tesserent, a major Australian cybersecurity and managed IT services provider, plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and protection of its clients' data.

As part of its suite of services, it helps many customers securely transition to cloud services. But a fast and reliable connection is an essential ingredient in making this transition successful and without downtime.


  • Industry: Cybersecurity and managed IT services
  • Solution: Dark Fibre


  • Help customers migrate their on-premises workloads to cloud
  • Make the professional migration process smooth for in-house IT teams
  • Maintain uninterrupted digital services for customers’ workforces.


  • A smooth migration from a third-party data centre that was being closed down
  • Ongoing resilient and redundant connectivity between Tesserent’s customer’s data centre, Vocus’ data centre and the customer’s offices
  • Tesserent was able to maintain its price competitiveness and retain its customer.

Vocus Dark Fibre allows Tesserent to build professional solutions for customers

Tesserent’s managed services business delivers solutions to both enterprise and government segments, aiming to be an extension of its clients’ own IT teams. It provides a full stack IT service with a particular focus on ensuring customer environments are engineered properly from the outset to be secure. It has a 24/7 security operations centre and more than 400 cybersecurity and cloud professionals.

Part of that service is ensuring customers have fast and secure connections between their offices and cloud providers, as well as other critical locations like data centres. This connectivity needs to be available to the locations customers are in, able to be connected quickly, and affordable to the client.

Smooth migration over dark fibre for engineering client

One of Tesserent’s major customers, a large engineering company, was faced with the challenge of a third-party data centre provider closing down its facility. The customer needed to migrate all its data and workloads to a new data centre.

Tesserent’s client also had challenges with its WAN infrastructure. As an engineering firm, the number of team members working concurrently on large computer-aided design (CAD) files was causing congestion on links to the data centre.

Tesserent designed a solution with a triangle of Vocus Dark Fibre linking three facilities: the company’s head office in North Sydney, its own data centre, and the Vocus data centre it was migrating data to. It also used a temporary Vocus Dark Fibre connection from the old data centre to allow the data to be transferred at very high speed to the new data centre.

"The customer, being an engineering company, uses CAD a lot, and the files are very large. They only had 1Gbps networking to their data centre, so the utilisation of the link was congested – performance was not as good as the firm wanted."
Paul Cosgrove, Senior Account Manager, Tesserent

The solution depended on Vocus Dark Fibre

Tesserent selected Vocus to deliver its Dark Fibre services for the customer. It chose Vocus because of its confidence from working together for over 10 years, and because Vocus could provide a flexible solution that responded to the customer’s particular needs.

Vocus delivered a diverse triangular network, which was both affordable and quickly deliverable. However, it was Vocus’ flexibility in being able to provide a temporary dark fibre connection from the old data centre as part of the package that made life easy for both Tesserent and its customer.

“Dark fibre connections are often a minimum commitment of 24 months, but Vocus’ flexibility on this allowed us to deliver a solution to our customer that really met their needs.

"We have an excellent Vocus account manager who is our single interface into the company, understands what we need, and drives all of Vocus’ internal processes for us.”
Paul Cosgrove, Senior Account Manager, Tesserent

A frictionless migration, enabled by dark fibre speed and flexibility

Tesserent’s deployment of Vocus Dark Fibre led to several key improvements for the customer.

Firstly, it enabled Tesserent to provide a professional migration of the customer’s environment from the old data centre that was being closed, to the new data centre, with no hiccups along the way.

It also provided its client with consistent 10Gbps WAN links between sites, resolving congestion and improving performance for the day-to-day work done by the team.

As a result, the client was able to centralise its corporate file system in its new data centre, rather than having files spread out across sites with variable levels of backup.

"By putting in Vocus Dark Fibre we were able to immediately go to 10Gbps, with the capacity to go much faster in the future simply by swapping over the network equipment at either end. It doesn’t cost us any extra from Vocus if we do that.

“By giving our client this speed and a redundant design, it meant they could have confidence they’d be able to access their files even if one of the links was unavailable.”
Paul Cosgrove, Senior Account Manager, Tesserent

How dark fibre saves customers money

Tesserent Sales Director, Matthew Purcell, reports that moving customers to Vocus Dark Fibre often leads to significant customer savings, compared to what they were previously paying their incumbent telco.

“When our customers move from an old contract with an incumbent telco they’ve been with for years, to Vocus Dark Fibre, we often deliver substantial savings, especially where they move to Tesserent Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We can often decommission whole links and remove those costs entirely.”

What did Tesserent have to say about us?

“Customers can take a long time to decide what solution they want, but once they’ve decided, they want delivery quickly. Vocus makes that happen – our account manager handles everything internal for us. Vocus provides affordable pricing and flexible designs to enable us to provide solutions for our customers.”
Paul Cosgrove, Senior Account Manager, Tesserent Cloud

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