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Improve your WFH video meetings with these Zoom tips

With the Australian government still advising workers to continue working from home where possible, it's likely that your video meetings will be continuing for some time. By now, you've set up your home "office," whether that's an actual workspace or your couch and are comfortable with Zoom. But there are a few tips and tricks that can make your virtual meetings even easier and more productive. Read on for nine of our favourites.

1. Use virtual backgrounds to hide chaos

Uploading a nice background or video will help you hide background clutter and other visual distractions, especially for those working in less-than-ideal spaces.

2. Hold the spacebar to temporarily unmute

It's a good idea to remain on mute during large meetings in case of any unexpected noise, such as barking dogs or children in the background. You can quickly unmute yourself by holding the spacebar on your keyboard as you speak.

3. Screen sharing

On a Zoom meeting, anyone can share their screen without having to pass on the controls. You can share your entire desktop or any application, making it easy to collaborate.

4. Whiteboarding

Need to do some brainstorming or illustrate a complex setup visually? Zoom supports real-time collaboration through the whiteboard feature. Save your whiteboards and share them with your participants after the meeting.

5. Annotating over shared content

Making design or document edits is simpler when attendees can jointly annotate and make edits. Make sure you leverage the co-annotation capabilities to simplify collaboration, or help guide your participants as to what they should be focusing on whilst screen sharing.

6. Leverage in-meeting chat to share files

The in-meeting chat is a great way to share links or resources that are discussed in the meeting without interrupting the ongoing conversation. You can share to the entire meeting or privately to one specific person.

7. Enable “Touch Up My Appearance” for a subtle video enhancement

Not enough sleep last night? No problem, this feature will help to reduce under-eye baggage and mild skin blemishes, giving you a more polished look - once enabled, we bet you won’t turn this feature off again!

8. Recording and audio transcription

Were some participants not available to join your meeting? No worries. Simply record the meeting to the cloud and share it with everyone after.

You can also enable audio transcription to convert the conversation of the meeting into a text file; anyone watching the recording can search for a keyword to jump straight to the section they have missed.

9. Secure your meetings

We encourage everyone to protect their meetings and to ensure privacy with Zoom's security features:

  • Lock your meeting and require a password to join
  • Enable the Waiting Room feature and admit/boot users only when you’re ready to have them join
  • Restrict meeting participants to only authenticated users with the same domain
  • Enable a watermark on audio and video if your meeting content is sensitive
  • Limit screen sharing to content from a specific application rather than your entire desktop, so participants can’t accidentally get eyes on something they shouldn’t.