High-performance internet your business can count on

High-performance internet your business can count on

Whether your business is located in the city, regional areas or remote parts of Australia, we have you covered with high-performance internet connectivity you can count on.

As Australia’s specialist fibre and network solutions provider, we have our own national fibre network, which has been purpose-built for business to provide secure, high-performance and reliable connectivity.

For customers in areas beyond the reach of our network, we’re able to use our expertise as a fibre specialist to provide solutions on the best fibre available – including nbn™.

And for businesses in regional and remote areas of Australia, the nbn™ roll out has been a great catalyst for change. It has prompted businesses to look at how their network, connectivity and services are provided and consider what options are available in the market.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet provides premium connectivity choices to Australian business of different shapes and sizes. It can help you be more productive, collaborative and innovative, and meet the evolving digital needs of your business such as video conferencing or access to cloud-based applications.

"The good news is business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is available to an estimated 1.5 million business locations across the country – with more business zones being switched on across Western Australia."

So whether you’re big or small, our experience as a network builder and operator across the country gives us great insight into the challenges involved in migrating networks. Managing service delivery, cutover windows and the disconnection of legacy networks requires careful project management by an experienced team, to avoid unnecessary disruptions to your business.

From assigning a project team, to site-by-site planning with a dedicated support team at nbn™, we know how important it is to take the time to understand requirements to ensure a smooth transition.

It’s something we have an enormous amount of expertise in, which means we can do all the heavy lifting for you. Our approach is all about providing you a brilliant network experience and making it simple and easy to connect.