Vocus goes under Sydney Harbour again to power up its network

Vocus goes under Sydney Harbour again to power up its network

Just after dawn on the shores of Sydney Harbour, a crew of crack technicians, construction workers, marine experts and divers gathered in an empty car park to make final preparations.

After months of planning and fine tuning, they were well drilled on the job at hand installing a new section of fibre cable across part of Sydney Harbour, to increase the capacity and reliability of internet and fibre connections across Sydney.

"A lot of people think the internet is in the sky or in the cloud, but it takes a lot of work and preparation to build and do these sorts of networks," said Vocus Wholesale Account Manager, International, Dale Durlacher.

Vocus' project was to complete the company's twelfth fibre cable crossing of Sydney Harbour, with a 500m submarine cable stretching from Rozelle to Pyrmont, near the Anzac Bridge.

The cable was a 720 fibre core, heavily-armoured fibre cable designed to increase the availability, latency and redundancy of Vocus dark fibre services, as well as high-capacity internet services in and out of the Sydney CBD and the wider metropolitan area.

Essentially, it's like 720 car lanes. We'll have a lot of dark fibre or wavelength capacity for our wholesale customers. This is now the twelfth crossing Vocus has completed, joining the north and south end of Sydney together,” Dale said.

Vocus' is a leading provider of direct fibre connections to data centres. Across Australia, its national fibre network connects to 144 data centres, including 17 of its own.

Vocus General Manager Wholesale and International, Jarrod Nink, said increasing the network capacity and interconnections between major data centres in Sydney was a key activity for Vocus to help meet the growing demand from global over-the-top (OTT) content providers and wholesale partners.

“More people need bandwidth in more places, there's a lot more working from home, so there’s a bigger move to cloud based applications,” Jarrod said. “Data centres are the lifeblood of where all those transactions take place, which is why Vocus continues to invest in our network,” he said.

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