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We work hard to make the right impact.

Driving insights, efficiencies and improvements to reduce our footprint.

We're committed to complying with all environmental laws and regulations at a minimum and focused on environmental and emission elements material to our business. As a result of reduced travel activity in 2020, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and continue to work to maintain this.

Energy consumption
Renewable power
Minimising our impact
  • Energy consumption
  • Renewable power
  • Minimising our impact

We continually review our data centre operations to ensure we can operate our facilities in the most efficient manner possible.

We have deployed various efficiency processes and systems, including:

  • Adopting American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) cooling recommendations
  • Investing in leading cooling technology
  • Replacing and consolidating legacy UPS systems to significantly reduce electrical system losses
  • Adopting micro-misting solutions to cool ambient temperature and reduce cooling infrastructure power usage.