Connect with the cloud

Cloud-based aspirations grounded in a fibre network

Connect with a custom cloud-based solution that’s grounded—quite literally—in a carrier-grade, high-performance fibre network.

If Vocus had $20 for every time we heard someone tout the benefits of “the cloud,” well, we would reach our billion-dollar goal much sooner. It’s important to us that our customers don’t buy into the hype without equipping themselves with the infrastructure that’s going to help their cloud-based services deliver on their promises.

The truth is, any so-called “cloud” still has to live somewhere, in a real data centre, with physical cables that connect you to it. The IT infrastructure still matters,even if it’s not sitting in your office. That’s where Vocus comes in.

From Amazon Web Services to your own offsite racks, we offer straightforward connections to the cloud-based solutions—public, private or any mix of the two—that help you drive your business. Our suite of products, all tethered to our carrier-grade fibre network, offers you the speed, scalability, and reliability that will make your investments in cloud-based services even more worthwhile.