When we merged Vocus with FX Networks, we created a true trans-Tasman network, one that’s always expanding and offering more options to our customers. If you do business on both sides of the ditch, you can now access a single point of contact—with control and visibility across the entire network. If rare issues do arise, they can be quickly identified and resolved by a Vocus engineer who knows the geography of your network area.

The core network, operating largely on its own 4,200km of fibre, can deliver in speed increments up to 100Gbps (and up to 8Tbps per fibre pair on existing core infrastructure). Whether you need to connect multiple sites within the same New Zealand city or town, connect to other locations further afield, or connect to your data centre (or one of ours), our national NZ network has you covered. For our customers who value flexibility, we can provision n x 10Gb of on-net services in a matter of days. And for those who must have diversity, our fully redundant architecture means there’s always another path for your traffic to take.

If your business is located in New Zealand, you can view the specific products we provide and get in touch with the local team by visiting www.vocus.co.nz