Jill Osborn

Deputy General Counsel, Melbourne

How Jill Osborn is thriving as Deputy General Counsel at Vocus

Jill Osborn relocated back to Australia in November 2018 after working in London for almost six years. When considering her next career opportunity in Australia, she knew she wanted to work for an organisation where she could make a real impact. Although Jill didn’t know much about Vocus before joining, she very quickly realised how much potential there was for her career due to the company’s size, growth and the calibre of its executive team.

In 2020, Jill joined Vocus as the Deputy General Counsel in Melbourne, where she leads a team of five legal professionals. She says, “I came into the organisation with few expectations, but I’ve been really surprised and impressed by the culture, people and energy at Vocus – it’s an amazing place to work.”

Jill and her team are responsible for enabling Vocus to achieve sustainable financial growth, whilst complying with its legal and regulatory obligations, by providing high-quality legal advice and support to the entire organisation.

The perks of working for a smaller organisation

When asked about Vocus’ company culture, Jill says “the people here are really smart, down-to-earth and good at what they do.” Due to the size of the organisation and its flat structure, Jill explains “you can talk to everyone, even the CEO. Things also move quicker than at larger companies and there’s a greater ability to influence and improve ways of working.”

And another benefit to working for a smaller company? “The endless opportunities. You can get involved in a lot of stretch projects here. For example, if you want to get involved in some sustainability work or on a diversity project, you can put your hand up and get involved straight away. Being able to shape your career and work experiences is a real benefit of working at Vocus” says Jill.

Moving around internally

When it comes to career opportunities, Jill explains, “we had a sales professional who wanted to be a lawyer, so we took him on in our team as he studied his law degree. We helped him through the training program to get qualified and essentially, we created a legal position for him upon completion.”

It’s not uncommon to have people try new roles across the business. Jill mentions “one of our brilliant lawyers moved to our procurement team – it is great that people have the ability to move internally and to grow as professionals at Vocus.”

Flexibility matters

As a mother of two young girls, flexibility is critical for Jill and her family. She says “whether I need to do drop-off or pickup, or work from home when my kids aren’t well – the level of flexibility is perfect for someone with a young family like me.”

With our hybrid flexible work model, the majority of Vocus people do a mix of coming onsite and working from home. Once a month, we host ‘Vocus days’ where everyone works from one of our offices across Australia to bring our people together. Jill describes these days as “very social and high energy where Vocus hosts lunch, speakers, events, and drinks to bring people together.”

Leveraging technology to enhance Vocus’ legal offerings

Jill and her team are always looking for better ways of working to enable Vocus to win in market. She says “we’ve started a legal transformation project where we’re implementing a centralised searchable contract repository and a new way to engage with the legal team to enable people to search for contracts themselves without waiting on a response and improve the completion time.” With the initiative being close to rollout, Jill says “we ran a pilot with group of super users with promising results. Feedback is that it's a much better, faster tool in one easy location for managing all legal matters. It helped us decrease the time to allocate legal work by approximately three hours, and we improved our turnaround times by around 12%. We're excited to launch to the entire business soon.”

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