Improving our customer support portal

Improving our customer support portal

Why are we doing this?

We actively engage with our customers after every interaction to get feedback on how we can be better for them. This has already improved our speed of response and has helped us deliver results 25% more quickly.

But we know our customers want more and so we are working on giving them more.

We are working with world class partners to understand our customers’ needs more deeply and learn from every interaction, which will in turn enable us to deliver a complete digital experience, with always-on tools that give customers control over their business, while being supported by our amazing team.

Customers want us to be proactive, to anticipate their needs, and to give them the ability to choose and configure their own products and services.

Customers want us to be prompt and help them in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Customers want Vocus to be personable and to be the experts they can rely on; they expect us to know their services and history and support their needs in a personal way.

Our customer and technology teams are hard at work to bring new systems and capabilities that will help Vocus deliver on our customer expectations and give them a brilliantly simple and reliable experience every time they need us.