nbn™ connectivity solutions

Vocus provides business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet digital capability for businesses across Australia.

We are delivering fibre network access to enterprise-grade business offerings and making your transition to nbn™ a success.

Vocus provides business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet so your business will be able to access high speed internet with close to 1Gbps symmetrical service to more business zones in metropolitan and regional centres. We have closely integrated the full spectrum of nbn technologies with our Enterprise solutions which enables you to easily scale your network as your business grows.

With a 99.95% network availability target, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a robust, reliable and scalable service. For businesses relying daily on video conferencing and cloud-based application, network reliability is critical.

A national coverage solution

Smaller branch offices and regional areas have been long suffering with poor bandwidth, unstable services and lack of fibre options. Vocus can now deliver access to nbn’s premium-grade business offering, Enterprise Ethernet, at comparable prices to capital city centres.

From regional offices to city-based headquarters, our world class fibre network coupled with nbn’s extended reach means we’ve got you covered across most parts of Australia.

nbn™ access typesDescriptionSpeeds
Business nbn™ Enterprise EthernetProviding Layer 2 carrier-grade ethernet over fibre access with speed, performance and reliability for Enterprise customers. We also offer a choice of network performance characteristics to suit your different data requirements.Up to 1000Mbps symmetric
nbn premium ServiceOffering symmetrical upload and download speeds with performance to make data services consistent.Up to 50Mbps symmetric

What Vocus products can be delivered using nbn access?

Find out more about our network and connectivity products – Ethernet*, IP WAN, IP Transit, Enterprise Internet and SD WAN.

Find out more about our Voice or Cloud services – SIP Lines*, IP Telephony*, plus Cloud Connect.

* Last Mile Type includes FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, FTTB but excludes HFC and Fixed Wireless for nbn Symmetric access

The premium service

Transitioning between networks can be a major challenge for any business. Managing service delivery, cutover windows and the disconnection of legacy networks requires careful project management by an experienced team.

We focus on the small details to make your nbn transition a success. From assigning a project team to site-by-site planning with our dedicated support team at nbn, we are the network deployment and migration experts.

The Vocus and business nbn™ partnership

We recognise how important the network is to your business and the consequence of disruptions.

The Vocus transition planning approach enables you to confidently migrate to the nbn network without impacting your business.

Our experience as a network builder and operator gives us unique insight into the practical challenges involved in the migration of large networks, and we take the time to understand your network and site-specific requirements to ensure a smooth transition.

Our skilled project teams coupled with our close partnership with business nbn lets you focus on your business whilst we take care of your network deployment.

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