Smoothly migrate your business to the cloud

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Do you know how your critical business apps will perform during and after a migration?

More and more organisations are wanting to understand how cloud and associated services can support their current and future business needs. For many, the expectation is to move everything from its current location to a single cloud provider. The reality is that legacy applications and platforms make a hybrid cloud strategy a better choice.

Moving everything makes the migration of other systems to the cloud more complex, as you need to consider factors such as application interdependencies and on-going interaction. Vocus can help you understand your current environment and how your systems interact with each other. This is critical for knowing what systems need to maintain connectivity to each other and when the best time is to migrate.

It is also important to have a strong plan for how your environment will operate post-migration. This is especially important in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Understanding legacy system interactions, latency, and availability can be the difference between project success and failure.

How Vocus can help your cloud journey

Locate your workloads where they make the most sense for users

Build your strategy based on your business outcomes and let us help you understand your best technology options.

Discover more about our hybrid cloud strategy.

Maintain control and compliance

Maintain flexibility and the cost efficiencies you need with the security, compliance, and control of a dedicated environment without needing to maintain your own infrastructure.

Discover more about our Infrastructure as a Service solution.

Keep your cloud securely connected

Ensure your hybrid cloud connectivity has security at its core and can reliably keep you connected to your existing networks, the internet, public cloud services, and other businesses.

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