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Wholesale Dark Fibre

We design and build with full flexibility to meet your customer demands.

Our Dark Fibre gives you more control on our metropolitan networks and into all major data centres across Australia.

With a strong presence in metropolitan areas, we offer you the ability to design and configure your own fibre network, with your own equipment and capabilities, that reaches directly into your customers’ sites or data centres. You can also shorten paths to meet particular customer demands.

Dark Fibre enables you to give your customers the control and diversity they need with the flexibility to upgrade for growth.

Key features

No guesswork required
  • With Dark Fibre, you’re equipped with the bandwidth to manage and scale your business today and in the future
Forget about downtime
  • We can provide a truly redundant connection that gives your business the ultimate in reliability, availability, and confidence
It's all yours
  • Your business gets its own connection—like a private lane on a highway—and the incomparable security and flexibility that comes with it
A smart investment
  • Dark Fibre is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost productivity in your network-based operations
We know networks
  • We’re network pioneers with the expertise and agility to design and deliver the solutions that are vital to you and your customers

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