We weren't happy with the network solutions out there, so we built our own.

Vocus is delivering the network and core products that everyone needs in the next ten years. We built our network in the new millennium for the requirements of the new millennium.

Without a cleverly designed, high-performance network, the organisation of tomorrow simply can't survive, let alone perform and compete.

This is where Vocus enters the story.

Whether or not you're an existing Vocus customer, you've relied on your network as a backbone, the physical infrastructure that supports and connects your day-to-day operations. But the network is no longer merely the backbone of today’s organisations. It's the nervous system. It doesn't just hold you up. Instead, with the kind of performance, speed, connectivity and scalability that the Vocus network promises, it can actually empower you to drive your business forward.

Corporations now have a jackpot of opportunity waiting for them as the so-called "Internet of Things" takes shape. But no matter how many devices you connect or how insightful the data you extract, you'll still need to rely on a network to optimise your operations and to deliver memorable customer experiences — both at home in Australia or New Zealand and across the globe.

We've built the Vocus network to give you the most straightforward route to better business outcomes. Click on the links below to explore where it can take you.

The Key Parts of Our Network