Vocus judged a leader in the Australian Space Industry

Vocus judged a leader in the Australian Space Industry

Vocus is thrilled to have won the Australian Space Industry award for the second year in a row from Australian Communications Alliance.

Vocus was recognised for establishing itself in 2021/22 as the leading enabler to the emerging low earth orbit (LEO) satellite industry.

We achieved this through a strategic program of investment and initiatives that provided the industry with the world-class expertise, ground infrastructure and spectrum to introduce the first LEO satellite services in Australia.

On the ground, Vocus has built 16 satellite ground stations on behalf of LEO satellite operators with more in progress for delivery in 2022/23.

Each ground station provides a 500km coverage radius for LEO satellites beaming services into a region.

This means that as more ground stations are built, there will be further expansion of high-performance satellite coverage for Australians.

Behind the scenes we’ve been investing heavily

The award’s judges recognised Vocus’ investment in fibre connectivity and satellite spectrum as a critical element in delivering LEO satellite services to Australia.

Vocus has heavily invested in area-wide apparatus licences and licenced 5G millimetre wave spectrum required to support LEO satellite communications.

We have also been working hard to continually upgrade our fibre network to prepare for the projected increase in ultra-reliable bandwidth required to connect ground stations.

We’ve multiplied our capacity on our fibre backbone from Darwin to Adelaide, Brisbane and Townsville by a factor of 25, added 20 times more capacity on our Sydney to Brisbane route, five times more capacity on Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide (now up to 400Gbps) and an additional 4Tbps of capacity on the Australian Singapore Cable.

Satellite partnerships

The ACCOM Awards judges recognised Vocus’ partnership with LEO operator OneWeb, set to deliver OneWeb’s high speed, low-latency communication services across the country.

Vocus continued to be the leading provider of nbn Business Satellite Services across Australia, a position that was previously recognised in the 2021 ACOMMS awards.

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