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Keeping your network secure with SD-WAN

Network security is a moving target. Every time you add a new network service (digital transformation, or DX), you are expanding your attack surface, while adversaries develop newer, faster and more clever ways to hack into your systems, steal or corrupt your data and degrade your network performance. These services all need to be secured.

Keeping your cyber defences up-to-date in today’s fast-paced DX environment can be challenging. You need the best technology, the best people, and the best security policies to stay ahead of the game. Anything less creates unacceptable risk.

Don’t let security fears inhibit your DX ambitions

According to a Frost & Sullivan study, three out of five organisations in Asia Pacific are slowing down the progress of digital transformation projects due to fear of cyberattacks.

DX is a huge enabler for faster, more agile business initiatives. But it can also introduce grave dangers into the organisation. What to do? The answer: increasing managed security services that deliver consistent security to all the edges on your extended network.

The benefits of managed security services

All your security services should work in concert — in the cloud, in your data centre, and at your branch offices. This is the essence of SOAR, or security orchestration and response. If an anomalous event occurs, your security services, working together, can isolate the activity and mitigate the effects, automatically and in real-time.

The only practical way to support SOAR is to have an end-to-end security fabric that includes a unified security policy, automated responses across the network and the very latest in threat intelligence.

Vocus’ Managed Firewall services provide exactly that. We offer next-generation firewall capabilities with on-going management and monitoring delivered as a standalone firewall or integrated into a SD-WAN solution in a single device.

Our managed firewall will enable a comprehensive security environment that protects your data centre and users at the main facility and your WAN connection to branch offices and remote locations. And it’s all managed from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard, backed by the market-leading security services from Fortinet and fully supported by the experts at Vocus.

With consistent security as a managed service, you can add or delete digital services and tap into the cloud quickly and easily, without adding more risk to your network.

Digital transformation speeds up the rate of change everywhere. Managed security services from Vocus allow you to keep up and stay safe. Your business will also have a full set of tools, including application protection, web filtering, sandboxing, network access control, SSL inspection, and solutions like intrusion protection and VPN to protect applications, workflows and data in motion. And because they are all part of a comprehensive security fabric, SOAR is supported for coordinated response.

Only a handful of organisations have the in-house expertise to fully deploy consistent security throughout their network. For those that don’t, managed security services are the most prudent approach.

Managed security gives you up-to-date threat intelligence, automated responses, state-of-the art analytics and reporting and expert support. The Vocus Managed SD-WAN and firewall solutions provide you the opportunity to standardise your security policy, remove gaps in coverage and partner with a full-service telecommunications company for end-to-end, consistent and secure connectivity.

Your network topology changes minute by minute. Adversaries are watching and waiting. A managed security service is your best defence to keep them far away.