Deliver a consistent user experience when accessing business-critical applications, across multiple branch locations with a managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

As the modern workforce becomes more mobile, business-critical applications and services are moving across to multiple cloud networks. Traditional WAN architectures are no longer able to accommodate the increases in bandwidth consumption, security requirements and increased complexity of IT management.

These factors are all driving an urgent need for a flexible solution to further optimise existing WAN architectures.

Vocus Managed SD-WAN is an on-premise solution that utilises software controlled features with a comprehensive security suite to provide greater flexibility and control over your Wide Area Network (WAN) from any location.

SD-WAN enables WAN Edge connectivity across your existing MPLS, internet, or 4G connections for all your business locations by creating a secure and reliable overlay network.

With configurable routing policies to direct traffic through the most ideal WAN paths, ensure your organisation can access its business-critical applications quickly & seamlessly. Redefine your network boundaries and deploy software-defined technology into your network with Vocus’ support, management, and network expertise and deliver a secured, agile environment with an improved user experience.

Vocus Managed SD-WAN includes Firewall, Routing, and SD-WAN capability as standard.

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Key features

  • Application-aware Routing
    Intelligently identifies the application and determines which path best meets performance requirements, then routes traffic accordingly to the ideal WAN path.
  • Multi-path control
    Transport agnostic allowing traffic to be securely distributed over MPLS, internet, or 4G connections. Automatically shift traffic to the next best available link in the event of an outage
  • Professional management
    We design and implement your solution and provide on-going, proactive management of network and security policies across your sites.
  • Managed firewall
    Next-generation firewall capabilities including anti-virus, URL filtering, SSL inspection, intrusion prevention, application control, IP reputation, and security.
  • Network visibility
    Dedicated management portal providing real time analytics and insights into applications running on your WAN so that you can prioritise traffic as required.
  • Centralised management
    SD-WAN includes a single pane of glass management with zero-touch deployment features, simplifying deployment of SD-WAN and security policies across branches.

Product brochure

Managed Sd Wan Brochure

Who is it for?

Managed SD-WAN is for any sized business wanting to improve and secure their network performance across multiple locations, with a scalable solution.

Product Overview

Why Choose Vocus Managed SD-WAN?

Improved application performance

Improved application performance

Prioritise traffic and bandwidth efficiently through centralised routing policies so that your staff can access business-critical applications quickly and seamlessly.

Resilient branch networking

Resilient branch networking

Keep your business running with a flexible and redundant hybrid network which enables your staff to connect to WAN Edge services with a simple, unified solution.

Simplified security

Simplified security

Comprehensive threat protection and intelligence to shield your network so that your staff can securely access data from private and public networks without fear of encrypted malware.

End to end management

End to end management

Deploy, manage, and scale your network with ease through a centralised cloud-based interface so that you can free up IT resources and simplify operations.

Deploying SD-WAN In Your Organisation

Why Vocus?

Management Capabilities

Vocus provides management of your SD-WAN solution, including the initial setup, configuration, and installation of devices. We ensure your network is protected with the latest device and platform updates, monitored by our Network Operations Centre.

Network Expertise

Vocus has the network expertise and capabilities to meet your business requirements. With solutions including data networks, internet services, cloud services, and data centres – Vocus can provide an end-to-end solution, designed and integrated to fit your business.

Channel Partners

Vocus has a community of authorised partners ready to work with you to help achieve your business objectives. Our partners will consult, design, and integrate existing infrastructure with new network technologies from leading providers.

Support When It’s Needed

Our network is backed by the support of local account management teams, local provisioning, and our Australian-based Network Operations Centre.

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