How Colocation can assist continuity when the unthinkable happens

How Colocation can assist continuity when the unthinkable happens

How long could your business continue to operate in the event of an unplanned disaster?

This is important because ransomware attacks, viruses, natural disasters and blackouts often bring operations to a screeching halt. Without a backup and recovery plan, businesses risk lost revenue, angry customers and reputation damage. Having a well-designed disaster plan can help you quickly respond to outages and minimise the impact on your business operations and customers.

Too many businesses in Australia today don’t have a robust disaster and business continuity strategy. So, if the worst happens, they’d struggle to restore normal operations. That's where colocation data centres come in.

Colocation data centres are built from the ground up to support disaster recovery and business continuity. As highlighted in a recent article, these are secured facilities that have redundant power and network connections, backup generators, and backup storage systems to ensure your business systems remain operational during a crisis.

Hosting your data in a colocation data centre can help with business continuity. This is because the facilities are staffed and equipped to ensure the right tools, processes, and resources are in place. Colocation services also include disaster recovery procedures such as regular backup and recovery with remote access options, which can help organisations recover from a disaster or outage and continue with minimal disruption.

The physical separation of data centre facilities can aid in mitigating the risk of a single disaster affecting multiple sites. Having data centre facilities in multiple geographic locations, allows businesses to create a geographically dispersed disaster recovery plan, replicating data and applications across multiple data centres.

Through hosting IT systems and data in a colocation data centre, organisations can achieve higher levels of resilience and availability, reducing the risk of business interruption and helping to ensure continuity if the unthinkable does occur.

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Vocus Colocation services have a team of experts who are experienced in disaster recovery planning and can help you develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

By leveraging Vocus’ state-of-the-art, highly interconnected data centers spanning to over 150 data centre locations in all states, businesses can easily and securely access the critical digital services they need to succeed in today's digital first economy. With Vocus as a partner, companies can streamline their digital infrastructure and achieve exceptional levels of speed, security, and agility.

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