Wholesale IP WAN

Same city, interstate, or across Asia-Pacific, our IP WAN solution keeps you securely connected.

A fully meshed private network as an enabler for your SD-WAN service.

Vocus IP WAN is a private network platform that can bring connectivity of all your sites together. Available over a range of access options including Vocus fibre, enterprise nbn, wireless, and satellite, Vocus IP WAN provides the broadest coverage for a best-in-class network experience.

You can manage it yourself or let us do all the work for you. Your network will have security and resilience with dedicated bandwidth. When you're ready, easily scale up to add public or private cloud connectivity, SIP trunks, or other bundled Vocus products. Our team can also assist with your network strategy if you're looking to complement your WAN network with SD-WAN and internet.

Our IP WAN is built using multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) as the underlying technology, so your traffic is completely isolated from other customers. We deliver enterprise-grade quality of service so you can prioritise your different traffic types, such as latency-sensitive voice and video or other applications.

Vocus Managed IP WAN also provides a fully monitored and managed layer 3 network, allowing your business to completely outsource the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of your WAN for a fixed monthly fee.

Our self-managed service provides you with all the benefits of a national MPLS network while maintaining control of your own communication hardware.

Key features

Delivering an integrated solution.

Scalable capacity

  • Our network can be dimensioned for exceptional performance
  • Easily update your network capacity when you need it, from 2Mbps all the way to 10Gbps

Vocus versatility

  • Vocus IP WAN provides the foundation for secure, reliable IP networking
  • Add additional solutions to your IT architecture with cloud, internet, firewall, and on-premise application

Coverage across Australia

  • We operate one of the largest inter-capital fibre networks in Australia
  • We also offer third-party access options to ensure your locations can be amalgamated as part of your private network

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