Wholesale IP Transit

Providing flexible and scalable global internet connections over direct routes with unique pairing relationships.

We provide carrier-grade IP Transit solutions, managed end-to-end with guaranteed bandwidth.

Leverage our IP Transit for the best network adjacencies in Australia, providing access to global content with low-latency. Choose from additional options such as aggregated capacity, burst, full border gateway protocol (BGP) community exposure, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection options for a compelling carrier internet offering.

Our network is designed to meet the high demands of carriers and internet service providers, and we manage it from end-to-end. That means our IP Transit offers the most straightforward routes to content that Australians are looking for.

We are uniquely placed to support reliable, fast internet connections through more direct routes and our unique pairing relationships, both in Australia and internationally. Our IP Transit solutions are highly flexible with the ability to scale bandwidth quickly and easily. It’s also highly secure with our DDoS protection, eliminating hazardous traffic at the source and preventing it from entering your customers’ environments.

Key features

Redundancy across oceans

  • We provide international network connectivity enabled through multiple submarine cable systems that we own or operate, providing low-latency connections into Singapore and the west coast of the United States

Fast and expert response

  • Your IP Transit is routed directly to and from the source and managed by our team right here in Australia
  • We also provide 24x7 onshore support

Proactive peering puts you closer

  • From YouTube to Salesforce, we strategically identify the world’s top content sources and provide you with direct access to their networks

Bandwidth guaranteed

  • With IP Transit, you don’t need to worry about network congestion or running out of bandwidth
  • We also offer bursting to cover you against unanticipated traffic spikes

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