Why fibre is crucial to the future of 5G

To support 5G’s growth and capabilities, mobile service providers will need access to high-capacity, reliable fibre backhaul in the right places.

As 5G begins taking hold in Australia, mobile operators and consumers alike are looking forward to new capabilities, including higher speed mobile broadband; lower latency and reliable connectivity; and large numbers of connected devices with low battery consumption. 

But it will be difficult—and likely unrealistic—for any individual mobile operator to self-build the fibre networks required to expand 5G, given both capital and time restraints. That’s why tapping into a pre-existing, high-capacity fibre network is the way forward, allowing operators to co-locate or expand their network reach quickly and easily. 

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  • How the 5G ecosystem is accelerating in Australia
  • What’s necessary to bring 5G to life in Australia’s regional and rural regions
  • What implications 5G will have on autonomous vehicle applications
  • What’s required to enable private 5G networks 
  • How to solve the tech challenges brought on by 5G
  • Why tapping into a pre-existing, high-capacity fibre network is key for mobile operators