Easily scalable to meet your business needs

Vocus SIP is a smart and cost-effective way to connect your business to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). SIP Trunks are IP-based connections allowing you to make calls from existing phone systems. They are highly scalable and will seamlessly grow alongside your business. So as your business expands and higher call volumes are required, you can quickly and easily add more lines and users.  

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Key features

  • Potential savings on call costs and line rental
  • Highly scalable. Add extra capacity any time
  • Business continuity options
  • 24/7 support teams across Australia

Product Brochure

Vocus SIP Brochure

Who is it for?

Vocus SIP suits small to large organisations looking for high quality, cost-effective, scalable telephone lines.

Why does Vocus deliver more for customers and more for your business?

The potential to save.
The potential to save.

Your business benefits from the more affordable connection, rental line fee and call charges compared to traditional ISDN services. Only pay for what you use with per second billing on calls1.

Potential savings on call costs and line rental.
Potential savings on call costs and line rental.

Users not only keep their landline numbers2 and handsets, they will also experience the same (if not better) high-quality phone service as ISDN. 

Easily scalable to meet your business needs.
Easily scalable to meet your business needs.

New hires coming in? Expanding to a new site? With SIP, it’s much easier and faster to add additional call capacity when and where you need it.

24/7 support teams across Australia
24/7 support teams across Australia

We’ll be there to help 24/7. Our team also offers round-the-clock delivery and maintenance of Vocus SIP services.

Redirect without fail.
Redirect without fail.

If the link to your site fails due to unplanned disruptions or overflow, your calls can be redirected to your chosen recovery site or to a mobile number of your choice.

Solve problems in high-definition.
Solve problems in high-definition.

Make sure your team’s best ideas are heard loud and clear with HD calls and video-conferencing on HD-enabled equipment. 

Technical SpecificationSIP TrunkSIP Voice Connect
No. of Channels10-12060+
Who is it for?Small to medium-sized businessMedium to large-sized business
ISDN Phone System CompatibilityYesNo
Call Charges Type1. PAYG (pay for all the calls) 2. Premium (Local, National, calls to Australian Mobiles Included)PAYG only
Connection TypeSIP RegistrationSIP Gateway
SIP Overlay^YesNo
Local Number PortabilityYesYes
Business Continuity^YesYes
Access TechnologiesDedicated data connection (UC Access)Dedicated data connection (UC Access)
Access Speeds100kbps x channel100kbps x channel
AvailabilityAustralia onlyAustralia only

^Subject to Vocus conducting scoping and design studies.

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  1. For applicable tariffs. Please click here for full terms and conditions.

  2. Number portability is subject to the customer’s existing carrier. Vocus provides porting from all mainstream Australian carriers.