International network

Connecting the world to Australia and New Zealand

When you have our secure, carrier-grade networks and connectivity by your side, business has no borders. 

Whether you need to reach throughout Australia and New Zealand, into Asia, or beyond, we have you covered. Our international reach and resiliency set us apart from the other telcos. 

Connect to global gateways

We built, own, and are the sole operators of the Australia Singapore Cable. This 4,600km four-pair fibre network delivers up to 60Tbps of capacity with DC interconnects in Perth, Jakarta, and Singapore, so low-latency connections to Asian hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore are a breeze.

Need to reach the United States? Quickly connect via the Southern Cross Cable Network, equipped with physically diverse paths built for protection and redundancy, or the Hawaiki Cable. 

Reach the world from anywhere in Australia

Along with more than 21,000km of fibre within Australia, we have global points of presence in multiple locations throughout the U.S., Hong Kong, and Singapore. That means you get the most straightforward routes to your destination and can connect nearly anywhere in Australia with the rest of the world. 

Explore the map below to see where Vocus can help you reach.

Explore other parts of our network

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