The comedic realities of working from home

Posted on April 06, 2020

Wfh Image

As COVID-19 continues impacting how we live and work, businesses are shifting from the confines of corporate life to a new work-from-home reality. While being able to work during a lockdown is certainly a privilege, it also brings its own challenges, as people balance working from their couches or kitchen tables with pets, partners, and children in tow. 

Luckily, these less-than-ideal working situations are also providing a dose of much-needed laughter during these unprecedented times. Check out some of our favourite work-from-home fails below.  

“Poor Jennifer” 

People who regularly take video calls know that when you’re multi-tasking whilst on a call, it’s crucial to turn off your camera, particularly when you’re doing something of a more “personal” matter. 

This detail escaped the woman we know only as “poor Jennifer,” who likely forgot her video was on when she headed to the bathroom during a Zoom video call. Watch as Jennifer’s colleagues begin slowly realising what’s going on, as Jennifer innocently asks, “What happened?” Remember to always check that camera, folks!  

Work alter egos 

Most of us rarely, if ever, get a glimpse of our partners’ work alter ego. But working from home in close quarters means people are revealing their work self to their partners. 

A hilarious Twitter thread details the discoveries people are making about their significant other while they’re “at the office.” From learning that your partner is the “let’s circle back” guy to the horror of realising your wife is that person at the office, many people are hearing their partner in full work mode for the first time. Read the Twitter thread.

Learning new tech

Some people are quite familiar with remote working tools, but others are having to learn new systems quickly—and not everyone is getting it quite right. 

This manager turned herself into a potato during a team meeting and couldn’t figure out how to change herself back, so ended up leading the meeting as a tater. Luckily, it seems like she had a good sense of humour about the whole thing. 

No divine intervention

The current environment has most of us working in new ways, and priests aren’t exempt. This Italian priest was live-streaming mass via Facebook and accidentally turned on the filter function. 

While he led the service, his face alternated between filters for 45 minutes. There’s nothing quite like watching a priest give a sermon while wearing a fedora and sunnies. 

An oldie but goodie

And while this isn’t from the current coronavirus situation, we can’t forget the original working from home video fail. This expert was being interviewed live on the BBC when his children snuck into the room—and then his partner crept in to collect them. The video still makes us giggle.