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The Great Southern Route avoids hotspots in challenging times

In 2018, the launch of the Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) created a new and safer route for moving international data between South East Asia and North America, that avoids potential hot spots.

Called the Great Southern Route (GSR), it starts with the ASC, which connects Singapore, Indonesia and Perth on Australia’s west coast. From Perth, the GSR traverses Australia on Vocus’ high-capacity fibre network to Sydney on the east coast, before having the option of multiple cables for moving data to the USA.

Now with the rise of COVID-19, and the subsequent increase in demand for video collaboration and streaming, remote working, gaming, and online education and shopping, the reliability and security of undersea fibre cables are more important than ever.

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Vocus Chief Executive, Wholesale & International, Mark Callander, said one of the challenges of traditional international data routes was they often run through or near areas where active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes are among potential issues that can disrupt submarine cables.

“On the GSR, we can offer customers a safer route between the USA and Asia, by avoiding regions that often cause problems for their teams trying to work out how to safely and securely move data,” he said.

He said given the current geopolitical environment, the GSR also provided the additional benefit of avoiding regions in the South China Sea, where there were major political and diplomatic challenges. A recent example is the decision to block a direct cable connection between the USA and Hong Kong.

“With high-performance connectivity playing a critical role in almost all aspects of business, the GSR steps major issues and provides a better option for moving data safely and securely,” Mr Callander said.

“The reliability of fibre links supporting global business depend not only on the physical characteristics and capabilities of the infrastructure, but also assurances in terms of the natural and geopolitical environments. With the GSR, Vocus is helping to address these issues through a multi-dimensional approach to reliability,” he said.

Whether organisations need reach throughout Australia and New Zealand, into Asia, or beyond, Vocus has a range of solutions providing international connectivity, resiliency, and points of presence in multiple locations throughout the USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. For more, visit

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