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Straight off the bat: Connecting Cricket Australia

CA Kevin Roberts AW

In today's data-hungry world, the demand for faster, reliable and more secure networks is ever increasing. In February, we signed an agreement with Cricket Australia, the national governing body for Australian cricket, to provide a network refresh with a full, cloud-first approach.

Cricket Australia sought a solution to support its long-term digital transformation strategy and move to a cloud-based environment. This new and exciting collaboration builds on a long-standing relationship and paves the way for Cricket Australia's move to a self-managed software defined network, or SDWAN.

A good innings for the community

With more than $65 million committed to grassroots cricket over the next five years, Cricket Australia were looking for a technology solution that created efficiencies to enable continual investment into community cricket.

It's an honour to support this vision and provide the Cricket Australia team with the ability to access tools and technology on the go, across fourteen sites. The bandwidth we're providing will enable the team to connect more effectively with one another and unite and inspire communities, as well as a whole new generation of cricket lovers. No small task, but one Vocus is excited to help achieve.

We're proud of our ability to deliver leading network connectivity and play a part in making cricket an even stronger and inspiring sport for all Australians.

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(Pictured on the left: Kevin Roberts, CEO - Cricket Australia & Andrew Wildblood, Chief Executive Enterprise & Government – Vocus Communications)